My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: Sporty Runner

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Sporty Runner, who discovered Poptropica through Wimpy Kid and fell in and out of obsession. See below for details on how to send in your MPIP story for publication here on the PHB!

mpip Sportyrunner113

Hi guys! My name’s Sporty Runner, and this is My Place in Poptropica, the entire story of my Poptropican life! Enjoy!

2013 | From Wimpy Kid

It all started when I was looking through the official Wimpy Kid website. (Have you read the books? It’s written and illustrated by the creator of Poptropica, Jeff Kinney!) Anyway, the website is mostly stuff about new books for the series, games, and just other things related with the books, know what I mean?

So one day, when I was looking through the site, I found a Wimpy Wonderland Island medallion. Above it in blue letters, it said “Wimpy Kid on Poptropica.” Curious, I clicked on it, and it led me to a page about Wimpy Wonderland Island.

I saw a play now button, and in my confusion, I clicked on it. That then led me to the brilliant world of Poptropica. Basically when I first started playing, I was just confused. But the more I played, the more into it I got.

2014–2016 | Just School & Poptropica

In the couple of years that followed, my life was mainly just two things—school and Poptropica. I had started playing the islands and figuring how to beat them with the help of YouTube walkthroughs from Thinknoodles.

I had gotten so into the game that I would visit the official Poptropica website at least three times a day to see if they were doing anything new.

That all changed in 2016.

2016 | Disappointment

2016 was officially the worst year of my life. So many bad events occurred in my life that year relating to school, family, and of course, Poptropica!

Poptropica had gotten so boring I barely started following them anymore. There were barely any interesting updates in 2016. Of course, I was psyched to hear about the “All New Poptropica” that was supposed to come out in late 2016, but was disappointed to find out that it didn’t come out that year after all.

So, in December of 2016, I decided to quit Poptropica and focus on other things.

2017 | Here Comes Worlds

I had ignored Poptropica for at least 5 months until one day, I found a picture that my dad had taken of me playing Poptropica. It made me smile and I started to feel a little sad. Poptropica was one of my biggest memories as a kid, and looking at the photo, I decided I just wasn’t going to let that be washed away.

So, I got myself right back onto Poptropica—and was absolutely shocked to find the new “Poptropica Worlds.” And before I knew it, I had transferred my old account into an account for Poptropica Worlds! I’d missed a few new island releases too, and just in two days, I returned to my old Poptropica routine. To this day, I still continue to follow Poptropica every single day.

So yeah. That’s “My Place in Poptropica.” I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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