An (Ad)venture in Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, today, with the newest Poptropica advertisement!

The advertisement this time around is for Nickelodeon’s newest original movie, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, based off of Grabenstein’s best-selling novel. You can see it on the Nickelodeon channel when it premieres on October 9th (which is less than a week from today). Anyway, off to the advertisement game!

You should be able to find the ad on Home Island, so once you do, go ahead and enter the “best library ever.”

Poptropica Mr Lemoncello's library.png

Upon entering, you’ll see Kyle standing at the bottom level. Talk to him to start the minigame.

As seen below, the object of the game is to reach the key by flying on a book, while also dodging all of the storybook characters falling down along the way. Check out these action shots (Narf not included 😛 ):

While playing the game, there’ll be a bar on the left side of your screen to display your progress. On the top will show five smiley faces; those determine how many lives you have. Once you successfully fly to the top, and reach the key, you’ll earn two prizes:  the Flying Book Power and the Mr. Lemoncello Costume!

Poptropica Mr Lemoncello's library (5)

Well, that’s it for now… thanks for reading, and of course, pop on!

Lucky Joker sign off

6 thoughts on “An (Ad)venture in Mr. Lemoncello’s Library”

  1. I swear to god, these prize cards that do nothing but boring, stupid animations are just a waste of time to get. At least some prizes give you sparkles, let you shoot stuff, or let you swing a sword or something. 😕

    Eh, I guess I’m being judgmental here but, I’m not gonna just do the challenge for a five-second animation. And I’m not that interested in the costume either, except, maybe for the umbrella.

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