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Pop 5: Poptropica Places We Wish Were Real

This post originally appeared on Pop Blog, which recently won Best Fan Site in the 2017 Poppies! It’s now being shared on the PHB courtesy of the author, Mia, and this list represents only the author’s opinions. See the bottom of this post for how you, too, can write for the PHB!

Hey fellow Poptropicans!

So, this post is about islands – maybe somewhere in Hawaii, where it’s peaceful, quiet, calm– wait, not those islands… Poptropica Islands! You know, fighting crime, wreaking havoc, saving lives, and heck, even ruining lives (for evildoers of course). Anything but peaceful! Yes, there are some Poptropica islands I wish were real places on this very Earth and here’s 5 of ’em! 😀

(Side note: I know some Poptropica Islands take place in real places on Earth, usually straight from the past or realistic places that aren’t specifically named. So yeah…  just makin’ sure you guys know that I don’t doubt the existence of things like caves. xD)

#1: Time Tangled Island

First off, there’s Time Tangled Island. From here, I’d basically like to be able to time travel to all of the different time periods! I mean how great would it be to shake hands with Thomas Jefferson or meet Ancient Vikings!

Time Tangled: Apollo

#2: Ghost Story Island

Secondly, Ghost Story Island! Now, normally people wouldn’t want to live in a place with ghosts or supernatural beings, but how cool would it be to be able to see ghosts! Same thing goes for the vampires on Vampire’s Curse, but I won’t count that as one of my choices since the reason is practically the same. 😛 And hey, who says ghosts don’t actually exist? Boo!

#3: Mythology Island

Then there’s Mythology Island! Greek gods and goddesses roaming around – magic and mythical beings, amazing items and acts being witnessed every day! Enough said! Who wouldn’t want Mythology Island to be real?

#4: Shrink Ray Island

Fourth, Shrink Ray Island! Of course, I would like the ability to be able to change back and forth between normal size and tiny, but wouldn’t it be fun to jump on marshmallows like trampolines and be able to fit in a dollhouse? And who knows? Maybe someday science will get there!

#5: Monster Carnival Island

Last but not least, Monster Carnival! Not your run-of-the-mill carnival, that’s for sure! In this carnival, you’re walking along side disguised monsters and having this old-timey creepy feel. Sure, it would be scary at first – but who doesn’t love a good scare?

Ringmaster Raven’s Tent, Monster Carnival Island

I hope you guys could relate with some of these choices! What other Poptropica places would you want to check out in real life? Until next time!


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21 thoughts on “Pop 5: Poptropica Places We Wish Were Real”

  1. I probably should not be trusted with shrinking and myths. I can handle the Time Travel, because I’m a huge nerd and know too much about it and I’d stay FAR away from Monster Carnival.
    And then I would totally become a ghost when I died and annoy everyone.

  2. It would be both cool in hindsight for Time Tangled Island and Shrinkray Island to exist, but not so great realistically since that would pose the risk the time machine(s) and shrink ray falling into the wrong hands. Especially when both are taken by someone with malicious intentions – I doubt having someone shrinking and destroying things across time will result in anything good. Not sure about the other choices either – I doubt having Zeus wreaking havoc across the planet and a carnival of a bunch of brainwashed carnies would lead to anything good. Ghost Story Island existing wouldn’t be too bad I guess, a paranormal investigator’s dream come true – although the faint of heart should steer clear.

    1. Lol TC, just chill. Stop acting so immature and have fun, or if you don’t want to have fun, let people have fun doing what they want to do. I love Mythology, even though I don’t believe it. There are some good stories with good messages in it, like the tale of Pandora’s box, Hercules, Odyssey etc. At least Fishy is more accepting than you are…

      Honestly, you’re the one discriminating, for insulting others for what they wanna believe in. If you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, you should just forget about it, and stop being mad at people for believing in something. Thanks.

      1. Ah. One way you can get a quick glance to see what’s new on this blog is through our Twitter feed, either on Twitter or on our blog sidebar. New posts will be labeled at the beginning of a tweet.

        Another way is to subscribe to our blog (you can do this via the sidebar) to receive an email every time we publish a new post. Hope this helps! 🙂

  3. I wish they would put Time Tangled on Pop Worlds. But update it so you have look like you belong there. like with the Aztecs. I wondered why old timely people didn’t grow suspicious when a wimp in colorful clothes came along.

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