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My Place in Poptropica: Quick Sky

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of Quick Sky, who runs her own Poptropica blog at Poptropica FeverSee below for details on how to send in your own MPIP story!

mpip quicksky

Hello! You probably don’t know me, but my name is Quick Sky. I love Poptropica (and this blog!) so much that I decided to create a MPIP. I hope you enjoy it!

2010 | Fashionably Late, As Usual 🙂

My humble beginnings start in the tiny two-room apartment I lived in – one that I would soon have to share with yet another sibling. Most early memories are foggy, but I remember, as clear as day, the first time I went on Poptropica as a clueless 5-year-old.

I was in my kitchen with my older sister on the new, fancy computer, playing on the Funbrain Playground. We saw an ad for Poptropica and there we were!

I made my account first. Despite being 5, I remember thinking “well, I am very mature for my age… so I guess the website won’t mind if I say that I’m 15.” Well, 15 it is, then! 😂

For my username I typed something random: “ddf”. Of course it was already taken, so I modified it: “ddf224” (friend me on Poptropica if you’d like with it!). And with that, Quick Sky was born.

2011 | And So the Adventure Begins!

I have very few memories of actually completing islands at this time – all I had done was Reality TV Island with the help of my sister, and later on, Cryptids, thanks to the amazing Thinknoodles on YouTube. Despite this, I went on Poptropica every day. Thanks to the photo album, I can truly appreciate my old, god-ugly costumes! 🤣

However, my parents began to get annoyed that I was on the computer so much. And when they finally had enough, they put their foot down. No, parental control on the computer wouldn’t do. They wanted done with Poptropica!

So they changed the password to the computer and gave us kids a different account that only had access to “parent-approved websites” …which were basically all math websites. Seriously, like, you couldn’t even use Google on that account. Google!

So all my dreams of completing islands and being the best Poptropican ever (ha!) went down the toilet – er, hole of Omegon.

2012–2014 | Nothing. Just… nothing

I think the title speaks for itself here. I still liked Poptropica – I recommended it to lots of people – but I just couldn’t play it.

However, I do remember, in 2013 when I was in the third grade, I begged my parents to give me $10. With it, I could buy a Poptropica book about mythology from my school’s book sale – the first and only Poptropica merch I ever got.

2015–2017 | Out of the Hole, and Into the Blogging World

In late 2015, I began playing Poptropica on my school Chromebook, but the school district was constantly blocking games on it, so I was back in the hole. Again.

Luckily, I pulled myself out of the hole one last time in the spring and summer of 2017. My parents gave me the password to the all-access account after so many years so I could learn coding. Finally, Finally, FINALLY!! I was FREE!

My sister was upset about this, because now she wasn’t the only kid in the house who knew the password, and plus now she couldn’t blackmail me with it either. But she got over it. Though, did I? Heck no!

I made a vow to make up for lost time just this summer by completing ALL the islands. And I’ve pretty much succeeded!

While on my quest to completing every island, I landed on the PHB. I was impressed, read it every day, and one day I decided to make a new email address (I’d deleted my past ones) so I could comment on the blog.

The PHB has inspired me to create my own Poptropica blog – – and for that, I’ll forever be grateful.

Present Day

So that was it! This is the story of the girl who pulled herself out of the hole only to be kicked back in. This is the story of the girl who didn’t want to stop playing Poptropica, not ever – but she was forced to anyway. This is the story of – okay, okay, I get it!

But seriously. I loved this game yesterday, I love it today, and hopefully I’ll still love it in 70 years, if I live that long. And that’s My Place in Poptropica! Thanks for reading!

–Quick Sky

P.S. Don’t tell my parents I started playing again or you’ll start seeing less of me! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story!

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4 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: Quick Sky”

  1. Another original MPIP. What I like is how your parents blacklisted websites including Poptropica
    which means you could not play Poptropica for a very long time… Also lol it made is laugh when you said you could not use Google not that account.

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