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Snaps of movies and merch from the Boston office

Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, and I’ve got some brand-new, behind-the-scene pics from the Poptropica Creators’ HQ in Boston – posted on the Creators’ Snapchat and Instagram – to go through with you!

First off are some movie posters with a theme of Zomberries. “Zombies in Paradise” is currently showing in the common room of Zomberry Island, where the “Manatee” poster also dwells. “You are what you eat” is a promo poster you can download and print off from the Zomberry Island tour page. Hopefully they may yet appear in the somewhat new theater on Home Island!

More on wall decor, there’s the Poptropican Lance Pitcher from Mocktropica (who features in several sneak peeks) with Poptropica-themed boards and a Shark Tooth toy pack, seen in greater depth in the next snap with the hashtag #oldschool, probably because it was first made available in 2011.

We also get a look at three blimp toys, which according to the caption may be the last three in stock! Speaking of inflatable blimp toys, Skinny Moon has one in her home office, along with the Cool Kid and Dr. Hare plushies and a Galactic Hot Dogs poster featuring Princess Dagger alongside a very appropriate caption.

Finally, back at Poptropica HQ is a print comprising of several buildings and objects from all over Poptropica, with buildings from Monster Carnival, Escape From Pelican Rock, Mystery Train, Super Power, Mocktropica, Game Show and Twisted Thicket, and items from Mythology, Cryptids, PoptropiCon, Mystery of the Map, Night Watch, Legendary Swords and Mocktropica (well, let’s just say a lot of islands were featured in this big amalgamation!). They should totally make this print available for us to use!

Alright, guys, that’s all that’s new for now. See you soon, and stay popping!

12 thoughts on “Snaps of movies and merch from the Boston office”

  1. I really like that print that combines all these elements from various Poptropica islands. I’d love to see that made available as a print we could download or stick on our own walls. 🙂

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