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My Place in Poptropica: TylerMaster

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of TylerMaster, a longtime Poptropica glitcher who continues to discover new things to this day. See below for how to send in your own MPIP!

mpip tyler

2007-2009 | The Start of My Adventures

I started playing Poptropica in 2007, very close to when it first came out, and I was seven years old at the time. I discovered the game at school and I had lots of fun playing it.

When I first started playing Poptropica, there was no friends list or anything like that. But I still had lots of fun beating islands.

Then one day, in 2009, I saw that they had added something new: the Store! So I saved up as many credits as I could get so that I could get lots of items. I had lots of fun doing that, but eventually got bored of it, so I took a break for a while.

2009-2010 | Returning and Discovering Glitching

So one day I was bored at school and decided to revisit Poptropica – and I immediately fell back in love with it!

As I was playing one day, I figured out some of the keyboard commands, such as Ctrl + Shift + S which changes your skin color (only works on non-SUIs). From there, I wanted to learn more cheats, and thus began my adventures in glitching. I learned all I could, from the ASG (Avatar Studio Glitch) to the CEG (Customize Everything Glitch, now done with MAP or iPop).

One day, I learned that there were different websites dedicated to glitching, such as DummyTron and MAP. Creating dummies was a ton of fun. I also used websites like PoptropAds to teleport to various retired advertisement buildings and games.

2010–2015 | Zombie Eyes

At some point I got bored of Poptropica again, and took another break. A whole year passed before I decided to come back to Poptropica.

When I returned, I found out that most of the glitches I’d enjoyed had been patched, although some of them were still around, like the ASG.

Anyway, one day I came across the PHB’s chat hangout, the PHC, and decided to join. My first friend on there was Red Lizard, also known as RL, and my second friend was NinjaDude, or ND. I really wanted to get zombie eyes on my Poptropican, so RL, ND, and I started poking around with Poptropica’s files trying to find some way to get them. Every day, our mission seemed to get more and more hopeless – until one day, RL made our first breakthrough! He’d found a temporary way to get the zombie eyes.

Eventually, as we got more people involved in our project, we decided we would only share our findings among each other. One day, I made the final breakthrough with figuring out a way to get zombie eyes permanently. But there was this one person who kept bugging me about them, so I gave in and shared my method. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the first thing that person did was turn around and leak the secret to the world.

2015–present | The Glitching Journey Continues

Seeing all my involvement with Poptropica, my parents decided that I should take a break from it for a while. So I did, for a few months.

When I returned, the PHC had moved to a different website (Discord instead of Xat), but it was still the PHC. My friend RL had made many more breakthroughs with glitching, including figuring out how to make dummies again. And there was now a tool called iPop, developed by Santorno, which RL had pro access to (which gives a few extra options that the public access key doesn’t).

Well, back when we had been working on obtaining dummy eyes together, we’d made a pact that we would always share new discoveries with each another. So he taught me about making dummies, but I was not allowed to get the pro access to iPop.

Anyway, I continued to spend time on Discord, and we made many more breakthroughs. We discovered the developer console and used that for a while, until the password to the dev console changed one day. But that was ok; we had discovered other things, like leaks for the rumored Crisis Caverns Island, how to make custom costume parts, and how to unpatch old costume parts.

To this day, the joy of glitching continues, and we are still discovering new things. And that’s My Place in Poptropica. If you’d like to add me, my user is jellal2876534.

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). If you send in your story, we will continue to post new community MPIPs!

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