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Poptropica Worlds: Preview Pic Analysis

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Smart Flame, who also runs his own site, The Smart Way to Poptropica. This post, while grounded in fact, is still just speculation. With that said, enjoy! –🐠)

Hi guys! Smart Flame here, and today I want to discuss a picture that Poptropica recently released for the upcoming Poptropica Worlds. Now, Perfect Sky on the PHB has already commented loosely about the photo in her post, but I’d like to go a little more in-depth, even politely disagreeing with a few of her points. The parts discussed below are labeled for your convenience. Let’s take a look:


From a peeping Dr. Hare in a nearby bush to mountains in the distance, there’s a lot to see. Some of these are a dead giveaway as to what they are, while others are a little more ambiguous. All that being said, here are my thoughts:

Dr. Hare

There is really no question at all as to Dr. Hare’s identity. Even the Creators have acknowledged his return in the Poptropica Worlds FAQ. We’ve seen hints that 24 Carrot is going to be one of the islands remastered for Poptropica Worlds, so Dr. Hare could very well return in a new and exciting way.


Well, the bird beside Dr. Hare in the picture could either be a seagull or a pelican. If it’s a pelican, could Escape From Pelican Rock Island be remade as well? However, it is one of the newest islands, so this may not be likely. We’ll probably see the regular EFPR Island in the new Worlds.

Oliver (from the comics and graphic novels)

Considering that Poptropica is exploring the idea of a universal storyline in its universe, Oliver and the others from the comics and graphic novels may play huge roles in this. Maybe we’ll see the storyline continue online with islands for each of the books after Mystery of the Map.

Park Ranger

Past sneak peeks have indicated that a similar design is for a park ranger from the unreleased Crisis Caverns Island.  I like to think of it as, maybe, a guide that you’d have throughout Poptropica Worlds or Home Island: someone who could give help advice and chat with your character.


In all due honesty, the blimp’s presence probably means we will still use blimps, something I’ve always hoped Poptropica would continue with.  The only observation I can make here is that it has no Poptropica logo – maybe it’s just facing the opposite direction.


These gold coins buried in the sand seem interesting. They were first seen used tokens on Wimpy Boardwalk, but for Poptropica Worlds, there are two guesses for possibilities I see with them: either they are Pop Coins (like from Mocktropica, where every movement is restricted unless you pay up), or coins you can use to buy items to use to decorate your house. The second possibility seems more likely, considering how silly Mocktropica’s Pop Coins. Using coins to buy decorations for your house would be cool – I’d be excited for something like that!

Island with Knight, Tower, and Princess

This is confusing. Although, at first glance, it reminds us of Astro-Knights Island, it looks to me more like a Sleeping Beauty type of island. First of all, the knight here does not look like the knights we meet on Astro-Knights. The castle is gray instead of brown. The princess has the same design, though. Is she a predecessor? I still think that this takes place in Arturus, where Astro-Knights is, but years before Mordred came along.

Island with Ferris Wheel

Although it’s tempting to chalk this one up to Monster Carnival, this doesn’t quite resemble it, even when the Monster Carnival rides are in normal daytime mode.  The colors and the star design don’t quite match up. Honestly, I have no idea what this one is, but I don’t think it is Monster Carnival.  I think it could be a once-in-a-while carnival event or something entirely new.

Island with Snowcapped Mountains

At first glance, I thought this was Survival island. But when you zoom into the cave, you’ll notice the two bright red eyes. It really confuses me, since Survival doesn’t have something like this – although you could consider the bear in the cave from Episode 1, his eyes aren’t bright red; they’re asleep. Could there be a remake of Survival Island as well, with a monster to defeat?

Island with Big Skull

The skull here most definitely looks like the one from the Pirate Outpost on Skullduggery Island. There is a clear resemblance to the trading post, which is surrounded by pirate infested waters. The difference here is the daytime setting, which makes it seem less ominous.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this picture. Thanks for reading, and bye!

~Smart Flame

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Smart Flame!

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    1. If you’re not sure whether we’ll take the idea, it doesn’t hurt to ask. However, as SC points out, guest posting means writing out the post, not merely suggesting the idea. 😉

    1. I was confused at first. What I should’ve done is not even mention a pelican, considering seagulls are in the island; not pelicans. I was mostly confused by the title of the island, Escape From Pelican Rock

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