Creator Q&A: Poptropica Worlds Edition

Hey everyone, it’s Perfect Sky!

This afternoon, I received a message from Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon on Twitter, informing me that she’d join us on the Poptropica Help Chat for a Q&A session. She popped on around 9:15 EST, and stayed for about an hour, answering our questions about the big announcement – Poptropica Worlds! Here’s a little recap of the Q&A:


Criaha: How are you??
Skinny Moon: I’m fine, how are you all? What’s going on? Seems like there is some discontent about Poptropica Worlds…???

Fast Lizard: Will we have more realistic hands in the new version or was that just for the trailer? If that’s an answerable question
Skinny Moon: Honestly I don’t know. Feedback is good. I can pass on that some of you want more realistic hands and think the legs are too long.

Perfect Star: Do u know when it will be released?
Skinny Moon: No, no exact date. As you can probably imagine, lots of things can come up during game design so we can’t commit to an exact date!

Tall Cactus: Are worlds islands?
Skinny Moon: Yes, worlds = islands. Worlds are islands. Poptropica Worlds will stay true to the concept of Poptropica.

Shaky Skunk: Will we be able to transfer our old stuff (including looks)?
Skinny Moon: Yes, the plan is for your avatar and all your old stuff to port over!

Blake: I like the concept of test dummies though, it gives Pop that industrial aspect that I seem to like for some reason
Skinny Moon: The crash test dummies are just for the video and for our internal testing.
Skinny Moon: There will be a mix of beloved previous islands/worlds and brand new ones!

Tall Cactus: How many islands are being transferred? Will their plots be changed?
Skinny Moon: Can’t get into details like that quite yet. I can just say there will be a mix of remastered old islands/worlds and brand new ones in Poptropica Worlds! And remember that Poptropica didn’t start with 40+ Islands all at once. These things take time…

TechWizard: Will the dummies be in the final game?
Skinny Moon: No, the dummies are just for testing

Tall Cactus: Will we still have names like Tall Cactus?
Skinny Moon: I am almost positive that you’ll still have fun names like Tall Cactus. You should be able to port over your name, look., and all your stuff!

Tall Cactus: Why are islands being called worlds now?
Skinny Moon: “worlds” is a term that is more universal in gaming

Perfect Sky: What does “One account for everything Poptropica!” mean? Does this mean one account for all Poptropica websites or something (maybe the old site will still be there)? Or does this mean one Poptropica account per email address?
Skinny Moon: One account for all Poptropica everything!

Shaky Skunk: Can your avatar be genderless in new pop?
Skinny Moon: I don’t know about genderless, tbh. But lots of customization possibilities, for sure.

Tall Cactus: What will happen to the original Pop?
Skinny Moon: Original Pop is not going anywhere, no worries

Megaman : Since I saw that Poptropica Worlds video, are we going to create our own homes and have other multiplayer Poptropcians visiting our home?
Skinny Moon: You will have your own customizable home. Not sure about other Poptropicans visiting it – I don’t know the answer to that

Tall Cactus: When will we get more in-depth details on Pop Worlds?
Skinny Moon: We’ll release more info gradually. No time table, tbh. But I’m hoping every few weeks I’ll have something new to show/tell you all about Poptropica Worlds!

Perfect Star: Will there be colored eyes?
Skinny Moon: I don’t know about colored eyes

Magic Panda: How different will the art style be? Will there be more shading, bigger/smaller characters, etc.
Skinny Moon: From what I know so far, the art style will still be very “Poptropica” – but remastered, updated, better than ever!

Criaha: So I know me and many other people in the community have more than one Pop account (I myself have around 5 ish? I think?) Will we be able to link them?
Skinny Moon: I don’t know about linking lots of accounts, sorry!
Skinny Moon: Costume contest: still going through the 100s of entries and narrowing down. Hope to open voting later this month!

Blake: Is there any possible way that you could answer exactly how far customization would be able to go at this point in time? Distance between eyeballs, eye color, etc
Skinny Moon: I don’t know exact details about customization

Quiet Berry: Will we have to use a browser other than Chrome?
Skinny Moon: You will be able to use whatever browser you want, as far as I know

Short Feather: Will it only be available on certain devices, or will it be accessible to all?
Skinny Moon: Poptropica Worlds will be available on web and mobile devices

Chris: Are you from Boston or did you move here for the office?
Skinny Moon: I have been in the Boston area since college – I went to Boston College/ #GoBC

Barefoot Hammer: Will the Poptropica app be updated to the new Pop, or will it stay the same?
Skinny Moon: Current Pop app and Pop Worlds are two separate games.

idk: The new Poptropica will be on http://poptropicaworlds.com , correct?
Skinny Moon: No that isn’t correct. As of now Pop Worlds will also live on poptropica.com

Shaky Skunk: What ever happened to the other bloggers on the Creators’ Blog?
Skinny Moon: The other Poptropica people who used to blog just don’t have as much time to blog anymore, tbh! I am a writer and a social media person so it makes sense for me to do it. I love writing!

Skinny Moon: I don’t have details on the houses yet – except that the voting that everyone did on the blog was absolutely taken into account!
Skinny Moon: I’m starting to understand what the Wendy’s social media manager feels like

Bendy Flyer: Are you and the Creators going to use Unity for Poptropica Worlds?
Skinny Moon: Yes we are using Unity!

idk: Games in unity can also be ported to video game consoles. Any plans for that?
Skinny Moon: Great question. I don’t know of any plans for consoles but hey. Who knows?

idk: So Sandbox Networks only registered http://poptropicaworlds.com to protect the name?
Skinny Moon: Well, we need the domain name. This is just me guessing but if you types that URL in the future I bet it would lead to Poptropica.com

👋🏼🐎🏃🏼: What do you do at poptropica? And how old are you?
Skinny Moon: I’m the social media/community manager. I also have done a lot of writing for the company. I’ve been with FEN/StoryArc/Poptropica for two years now. And no, not telling my age.

Shaky Skunk: Burgers or hotdogs?
Skinny Moon: BURGERS. duh

Shaky Skunk: Will there be Poptropica Worlds merch?
Skinny Moon: I’d love to see Poptropica Worlds merch!

👋🏼🐎🏃🏼: That sounds like an amazing job, and also totally understable about not telling your age
Skinny Moon: It IS an amazing job. I work with awesome people. And what’s better than working with Poptropica and its awesome fans?!?!

HPuterpop: Do you think you will ever make any appearances in an island quest?
Skinny Moon: That would be wicked cool but who knows…

Friendly Foot: Will you ever change your signature outfit?
Skinny Moon: I think about changing my outfit but I feel like I need to stay recognizable. So I just try to accessorize differently each month!

Tall Cactus: Will Pop ever get a TV show?
Skinny Moon: Would love to see a Pop TV show! Not in the works rn as far as I know

Gregoryk_: Do you play any games besides Poptropica?
Skinny Moon: I’ll be totally honest: I don’t have a whole lot of time outside of work and family

Well, that’s all for this Q&A session. Be sure to join us on the PHC  for a chance to chat with Skinny Moon, as well as many other Poptropica players in the community!

– Perfect Sky


46 thoughts on “Creator Q&A: Poptropica Worlds Edition”

    1. Yeah, it’s always nice when Skinny Moon notices your question, considering she’s spammed with so many questions at the same time, lol

    1. Same, there probably will be more info on the Creators’ Blog soon though, since spring isn’t that far away

  1. (are these/is this) island(s) are going to be added to the map and be played and copleted for medlions and how big it will be , if you can anwser ,please.

  2. At last,now we finally know that Skinny Moon is a burger person about New Pop! I hope my closet will be transferable. Still can’t wait to get back into the game once again! I do wish that they didn’t make this separate to Poptropica and just made it a new update or whatever,but I’m still pumped!

    So now that we have our own houses,what will happen to Realms? I guess we have to see some actual footage first.

    Sheesh,this reminds me of when Beta Carrotene was announced. Remember that? Nah,I didn’t beat it. It was a terrible glitchy mess. But I have high hopes for this one.

  3. Hey Poptropicans! Question for you all: Is there a place (like someone’s blog roll, maybe?) that lists all the active Poptropica fan blogs? I would like to keep track of your posts so I can occasionally post links to them on Poptropica’s social media. Thanks!

  4. Will poptrapica worlds be very different from poptropica? And will regular poptropica be gone when poptropica worlds comes out?

  5. What a shame I missed out on Skinny Moon! I was on the chat a few days before that :(. Well, I’m glad that we’re still gonna have Original Pop, and… Poptropica Worlds, whatever happens with that.

  6. About Fast Lizard’s question, I think there will be hands. I saw a Poptropica Worlds trailer with Poptropicans that had them, but they weren’t super realistic. I think they just had 3 or 4 fingers. xD

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