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PHB Pop-over Special: Inside Out


Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, and I’ve got a new Pop-over Special for you – and this time the crossover is between Poptropica and an animated film loved by many: Inside Out.

For those of you who don’t know about Inside Out, it’s a Pixar movie about a girl called Riley, and her personified emotions, who are in charge of her daily life – which gets slightly out of control as a result of the sudden departure of Joy. If you haven’t already watched it, make sure to do so – it boasts a simply brilliant plot and the perfect amount of action.

Poptropica costumes have been made for some of the unique characters seen in this film. For costumizable costume parts, simply add each character as a friend in Poptropica via their usernames shown in the graphic (or below in the costume descriptions), and Costumize.

  • Joy (JoyPHB): Hair is from Store item Mythology Surfer, the male version (275 credits), mouth is from retired Store item April Fool (use iPop to obtain it, since it is no longer availbale from the Store), dress is from the ASG GreenRockGirlASG.
  • Sadness (SadnessPHB): Everything is costumizable from her, so just add Sadness as friend and costumize!
  • Disgustย  (DisgustPHB): Hair is from Store item Vampire Girl 3 (275 credits), bangs are from Store item Prom Queen (275 credits), blush/eyelashes are from the ASG *cloud*6, scarf is from Store item Cowgirl (275 credits), dress is from the ASG tinkertorch.
  • Angerย  (AngerPHB): Baldness is from the ASG MilkBoxASG (take off milk carton headwear to see it), mouth is from Mike Teavee of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, and the shirt, belt and pants are costumizable.
  • Fear (FearPHB): Hair is from the ASG anything662, glasses, mouth, bowtie, shirt and pants are costumizable.
  • Riley (RileyPHB): Bangs are from Store item Vampire Girl 3 (275 credits), hair, smile, shirt and pants are costumizable.
  • Bing Bongย  (BingBongPHB): Hat is from man with suitcase on Main Street of Mystery Train Island, the ears’ ID is sponsorsbdog, the elephant trunk is from the ASG realms#6ASG, the suit is from Store item Magician (275 credits), the tail is from the ASG realms#7ASG, the mouth and bowtie are costumizable.

So, enjoy the costumes, let your own Joy dominate your life, and stay popping!

And, yeah, you probably shouldn’t do that.



12 thoughts on “PHB Pop-over Special: Inside Out”

  1. (I’m sorry if there’s a duplicate of this comment, but my computer did something weird and the original comment wouldn’t post so…)
    Nice costumes! I won’t customize them ’cause I like my costume too much but good job anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Was not expecting that pic at the end, wow XD

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