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The Rise of Omegon’s Design

Hello, everyone!

It is I, Lucky Joker, and today I’ll be sharing with you a behind the scenes scoop on how Poptropica villain Omegon was created! As you may know, Omegon serves as the villain for one of December’s Islands of the Month, PoptropiCon Island.

Earlier today, Poptropica released some concept art of the different stages Omegon’s design went through to become what it is today. Let’s take a look! (For the original post, click here.)

Back in 2013, when Poptropolis Games Island was being updated, the Poptropica Creators designed tribal costumes (which were never used in the game). The Yellowjackets costume, however, was put into use and was modified to produce Omegon.


Omegon’s costume was then used to design the Hench-bot costume, and later the Meow-bot costume (which inspired Omegon’s final boss form). Compare between the concept art of Meow-bot and the final product. Pretty neat!

Omegon’s costume was also used to design many other costumes for the characters in the island. Check out these other designs!


The evolution of Omegon’s design occurred naturally, with many different Creators contributing to its creation. Some designs were scratched and brought back, and many small alterations were made to achieve the final look.

Former Poptropica creator, Lance Fry, even made this promotional piece showing some of the fully-developed designs.

Poptropicon costume concepts.png

Another Poptropica artist, Ashley Lange, came up with the Meow-bot designs and cohesively brought them together with the giant cat statues in Omegon’s realm. In the final boss fight, Omegon himself takes on the form of a giant robotic cat!


It’s pretty fascinating to know that all of the Creators work closely together on pretty much every aspect of an island. Here is Omegon’s visual development from start to finish:


Remember, PoptropiCon is an Island of the Month, so first-time finishers will receive 500 credits upon completion for each episode and repeat-finishers will receive 300 –That’s a lot of credits! Today is your last day to play, so go and take advantage of the credit boost.

Which designs were your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to you soon! Pop on!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

7 thoughts on “The Rise of Omegon’s Design”

  1. Pretty interesting to know that the Omegon design was inspired by a costume for the Yellowjackets. I do wish the tribal costumes weren’t scrapped, though – they sound interesting, and I’d like to see them in the game someday, so I hope the idea gets revisited.

    Thanks to Skinny Moon for digging around for these pics and getting a commentary from a Creator who was involved in the designing, and great post, LJ!

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