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Get Wise about Pathwise


(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by TallMelonisCool, a Poptropica player in the community. In this post he’ll be sharing some tips for the game of Pathwise. Enjoy! –🐠)

My favorite common room game on Poptropica is Pathwise. It’s the one I’m best at, and I have some tips to share, so I thought I’d make a guest post about it. Here we go!

Tip #1: Start in the middle of the playfield.

People say that starting on your end in Pathwise makes it easier to get across to the other end.

But actually, starting right in the middle makes it easier to block the other person if they start at their end of the playfield, giving you an advantage.

Tip #2: Leave gaps in between each move.


Move in a way where you place a tile in the middle, then place your next tile not next to your first tile, but leave gaps, like you see in the picture.

Once you get all your tiles placed like this from one end to another, it is much harder for the other player to block you. Even if they block one of the two spaces that you left in the gap, there is still more space for you to form your path!


Looking at the board above, at this point, it’s like I’ve already won!

Tip #3: When trying to block the other player, do not place your tile too close to other player’s path. Instead, build a wall.

A mistake that players make is that, when they try to block their opponent, they mostly place their tile right next to the opponent’s path. Most of the time, if the opponent is smart, they will move around that and avoid the block. But it is a lot better if you place your tile as far away as you can because you can start making a wall to block your opponent.

Well, that’s all the tips I have for being a great player at Pathwise, but do also check out the PHB’s Pathwise Guide for more tips, as well as tips in their other Game Guides

Now get out there and win lots of Pathwise battles! 😀

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by TallMelonIsCool!

The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on our subreddit and the PHC.

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17 thoughts on “Get Wise about Pathwise”

  1. Yay the guest post is uploaded wooo hoooooo! hope you guys enjoy the tips i gave you .I felt that when I read everyone guide on Poptropica. Nobody ever gave like the best tips out there. My favorite tip has to be the 2 gaps in the middle one.I found out about the 2 gaps trick back when I was in the 2015 chrismas party and I was playing pathwise and she used the 2 gaps trick and she beat so so many times on pathwise! I now tryed to use the 2 gaps trick and I never really ever lost in pathwise ever again!

    1. Sorry I didn’t see your reply earlier, but you should press the reply button for it to show up on my notifications so that I can be informed.

      As for your question, could you be a bit more specific? Are you asking how I play pathwise myself? Well, mostly similar to yours. I’ve actually contributed to the pathwise page myself so you could go see there for my personal tips/tricks. 😉

    2. Well, personally, you covered a lot of it in this post. The board being hexes instead of squares gives a lot of room to work around and can easily net you an advantage. I also prefer to start building the wall a bit further away so that I can block people more effectively. It also depends on the opponent’s move. Try to predict their strategy if you can. Their battle ranking could give an estimate of their skill and that could also influence your own strategy.
      And also always quit the game if you lose because winning all the time is fun

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