Monster Carnival Island

Carrots, Cats, & Creatures

Heyo readers,

Halloween is coming up this Monday, and I’m ready to dress up for a hardcore night of… playing Poptropica, probably, since I might be a little too old for trick-or-treating (by most people’s standards).

Anyways, the Creators have certainly have been getting in the spirit this month, and even more news has poured in from the floodgates! First of all, we’ve got a lovely wallpaper, perfect for screens with a 4:3 ratio! Skinny Moon claims it’s from one island and us “longtime Poptropicans” would know, but I keep staring and can’t think of any island that features scarecrows, carrots, and spaceships.

I mean, I can think of three different islands that have these traits, but not a single one. Maybe I’m just missing something, and I’m not as much of a veteran as I thought I was. I digress though. Wallpaper!


(Update: As a couple of commenters here have mentioned, this scene is from the optional video game you can play on Zomberry Island, Terror in the Garden.)

To keep up this spoopy mood, the Creators released some concept art and animations for one of the IOTM, Monster Carnival! We’ve got sketches of both the Poptropicans and monsters that made their way into the island, as well as a couple of animations.


It’s always pretty neat to see what designs creators go through before the final product. (Unless it’s my characters, in which case please don’t look into that my original designs are terrible and I want to burn them.) Be sure to check them all out!


Finally, we have Skinny Moon celebrating Black Cat Day (October 27th) with the new black cat follower. This cat can jump really high and seems far more friendly than my cats. (Mine just sleep all the way over in the corner and glance at me sometimes. I’m sure they love me though.)

If you’re a member, be sure to pick up the card from the store. If not, well … say hi to Whiskers from 24 Carrot Island I guess? Wait, Whiskers isn’t a black cat. Darn it!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. May your Halloween be filled with lots of candy!


21 thoughts on “Carrots, Cats, & Creatures”

  1. Enjoyed the post, Oh Great Lime. The wallpaper has got me thinking as well… doesn’t 24 carrot have Dr. Hare’s spaceship he flies off in? But it certainly isn’t a UFO disc and I’m not sure if it has any scarecrows so quite the interesting brain puzzler.
    Oh and am I the first comment or is my computer acting funny? Wow sweet, my first first comment!

    1. Ah well I guess it’s the Zomberry video game that it’s a reference to. 😛 Ha I was thinking it was an actual scene from an island. Haha well it still had my brain puzzled so my comment stands. 🙂

      1. Oh, so it’s from the video game within the video game that isn’t necessary to the plot? Hmm, no wonder I missed it.

  2. “Longtime Poptropicans”

    Proof that Skinny Moon doesn’t play Poptropica and is stealing our memes, like how you stole “b&”.

  3. Awesome post! 😉 I actually have two cats – one (who is a black cat), who hisses at everyone who comes close to her, and the other either just meows/lounges about all day, or follows me everywhere when I’m around.

  4. Skinny Moon loves Halloween. All the recent posts on the Creators’ blog are Halloween related.
    By the way, I really want that Cat Follower, but I am not a member. Can I get it by using iPop?

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