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Stolen Snapshot September: a success! (Winners)


Hey everyone, Slip here!

Sorry for the delay in the announcement; I was busy with all my schoolwork so I didn’t have any time to do so.

Before we announce the winners, here are the snapshots we had from the event and the locations:

  1. Twisted Thicket, window of the building on Main Street
  2. Escape from Pelican Rock, common room
  3. Cryptids, Buddhist temple in Nepal
  4. PoptropiCon Episode 1, Β Space Jaunt booth decor
  5. Home Island, Arcade exterior
  6. 24 Carrot, House interior
  7. Super Power, common room
  8. Lunar Colony, PASE Jumbo screen
  9. Night Watch, common room
  10. Skullduggery, Phoenix Warbird cannons
  11. Time Tangled, Lewis and Clark expedition
  12. Zomberry, Smoothie shop interior
  13. Galactic Hot Dogs, Neon Wiener interior
  14. Mystery of the Map, Beach

With no further ado, here are the winners for the recently-concluded Stolen Snapshot September! πŸ†

Day 1
1. Tall Cactus
2. Creepy Goose
3. Perfect Star
Day 2
1. Ripley
2. Perfect Sky
3. Messy Dragon
Day 3
1. Perfect Sky
2. Creepy Goose
3. Messy Dragon
Day 4
1. Creepy Goose
2. Messy Dragon
3. FridaKahloEyebrowQueen
Day 5
1. Tall Cactus
2. Shaky Skunk
3. FridaKahloEyebrowQueen
Day 6
1. FridaKahloEyebrowQueen
2. Creepy Goose
3. Messy Dragon
Day 8
1. Creepy Goose
2. White Ice
Day 9
1. Criaha
2. Cool Dolphin
3. Creepy Goose
Day 10
1. Messy Dragon
2. Yujo
3. Fast Burger
Day 11
1. Messy Dragon
2. Yujo
3. Purple Claw
Day 12
1. Yujo
2. Messy Dragon
3. TylerMaster
Day 13
1. FridaKahloEyebrowQueen
2. Creepy Goose
3. Messy Dragon
Day 14
1. White Ice
2. idk
3. Short Feather

Kudos to Messy Dragon and Creepy Goose! 🌟

If you see your name up there, congratulations! If not, better luck next time! For the winners, you will be up on the Stolen Snapshots pageΒ shortly. Don’t worry, Stolen Snapshots will return for Spook-tober! I believe it’ll only be for a week to give way to the community events planned for next month!

I hope you enjoyed the event! Sorry for those who waited a week for this post! I deeply apologize. Thank you to everyone who participated, as well as the PHB staff for helping me out to make this a success. Stay awesome. I must now go back to my slumber.



34 thoughts on “Stolen Snapshot September: a success! (Winners)”

  1. Aw, I didn’t win any of them. 😦 But congratulations for all those who did. It was a good idea, changing the normal format for this enjoyable series for once. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, still surprised I made it on the board. Had fun, thanks for the opportunity Slippery Raptor! Good job everyone πŸ˜‰
    Oh and school is rough Slip, don’t waste those precious hours of sleep :p

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