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Poppin’ changes for our Poppin’ blog


Hey Poptropicans!

As you may have noticed, the PHB has had a few interesting new changes around here. We’ve also had a bit of downtime recently – apologies for that, and thanks for your patience – but not to worry, we are back up and running – hopefully for good! This was due to a recent change in which we moved our blog from WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress(.org), which gives us more control over our site.

Some of these changes (marked by *) would not have been possible without the move, so we hope you especially enjoy them! Here’s a recap of everything that’s new:

  1. *Art page – view fan art submitted to our DeviantArt page in a cool looking grid! (This in no way attempts to replace the dA group, but rather encourages more people to join.) “Magazines” (The POPCORN) is now included under this button on the nav bar.
  2. *Forums – right here on the PHB, so it’s easy to pop into the conversation! Create new topics to discuss things both on and off the topic of Poptropica, reply to other threads, share your fan art and fan fictions, and more! Unlike the PHC, your messages are likely to be seen longer, as a forum moves less quickly than a chat by design.
  3. *User accounts – You can now register for your own Poptropica Help Blog account for posting on the forums and other parts of the site. You’ll even get a snazzy profile page with a cover photo of your choice! Register today!
  4. *Heading font to Luckiest Guy – We’re now using one of the main fonts Poptropica uses regularly on their website, Luckiest Guy, in our headings.
  5. *Author blurbs can be seen at the bottom of each post.
  6. *About page has a cleaner design, with author blurbs spread out and less text to go over.
  7. Glitching section – dedicated to various aspects of Pop glitching, including clothing and item IDs! It’s the new, improved “Cheats, Codes, & Glitches” page, and includes a ton more stuff too!
  8. “Cool Stuff” page renamed “Pop Plus” (as in Poptropica Plus, meaning extra stuff to help you take full advantage of your Poptropica experience)!
  9. Poptropica Lexicon page under Pop Plus – get to know the slang of those who Pop!
  10. Island trivia pages are now combined with their respective written walkthrough pages and the whole combination is known as an Island Guide!
  11. “Party” subheading includes some former Cool Stuff pages, plus the Game Guides and Tribes pages, because they all involve partying with other Poptropicans!
  12. “Wiki” button on the navigation bar leads to our Poptropica Wiki on Gamepedia! Help us edit!

Although these changes may not seem too major, we’re excited for you to check them out.

Since the PHB is always a work in progress, we do look out for feedback from you guys! If any of the new features are not too popular among the community, we will reconsider how it is used, and similarly, we’d love to know what you find is an improvement as well. And if you have any suggestions for new features, we’ll consider those, too.

Whether we continue with self-hosted WordPress in the future will depend on how well this goes, but we’re hoping it works out well for everyone. Stats and subscribers have been transferred as well. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please wait for about half a minute and then do a quick refresh of the page. For other issues, let us know and we will help!

Stay popping, Poptropicans! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Poppin’ changes for our Poppin’ blog”

  1. Why not use Ghostkid Aoe? Isn’t that the main Poptropica font? Plus, it can type in lowercase. 😛

  2. Loving all the terrific changes! Those it seems that the blog now has the addition of ‘Genesis Framework’, whereas originally it was just the Lifestyle theme, with no frameworks. I’m not sure why that change occurred – though I think it may be because within the last few days before the update, something did go wrong with the site, and its address changed, and the framework somehow fixed that. Or maybe it was just changed because it looked better. I don’t know. 😛

  3. Cool updates! Just as a side note-how do you make the images for the posts? I want to try my hand at some for my account banners.

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