Happy Fourth of July from the PHB!

Hey guys, BT here! On behalf of the PHB, I’d like to wish the American viewers of the blog a happy Fourth of July (Independence Day in the USA)!

To celebrate, the PHB has a gift for everyone – no matter where you reside. Check it out below!

4th of july pop

Poptropica glitcher WimpyKidFan is offering a special Avatar Studio Glitch for you all, and it’s not just the standard costume or Poptropican modification. Today, celebrate with an ASG for the Exploding Gum from the Johnny English: Reborn ad from 2011!


If your Poptropican is a boy and you want this gum, perform the ASG on the username Happy4thBoy, and if your Poptropican is a girl, it’s Happy4thGirl. For an explanation of how ASGs work, and for tons more ASG usernames for costumes out there, check out the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift page here!

BT out with this quick wish, and once again, happy Fourth of July to those who celebrate! 🎉


21 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July from the PHB!”

  1. First like and comment! This is getting boring. Anyways, I had a great Fourth, except we couldn’t do any fireworks because it was raining, and it still is.

      1. Aw – what about it doesn’t work? Try contacting Santorno on the PHC and perhaps he can fix whatever it is (he’s the developer for iPop).

      2. Oh, well hopefully it reopens then? Also, if you want to move it to a different location on your computer, be sure to move the entire folder with all the iPop files.

  2. Hi everyone I just wanna ask anyone if they wanna do a poptropica account trade, my account has 675 credits and if u r a girl then u will like my account maybe better than boys!! Please tell me honestly what ur account has and we may settle some things out 2 do the trade!!

    1. I recommend trading on the PHC. (It’s a LOT more efficient this way) Here’s the link to the chat: discord.me/thephc Good luck with the trading! 🙂

    2. This isn’t the place to do account trades – you could try asking on the PHC, but this sort of thing is still not common (and runs the risk of scams – not saying that you would, but it could happen). I’d recommend checking out our ways for improving your Pop account instead. 🙂

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