Someone’s stealing snapshots… (Round Two!)


Welcome everyone to the second round of Stolen Snapshots!


For the newbies, Stolen Snapshots is basically a hide-and-seek game that tests your knowledge of Poptropica scenery, and it’s up to you to guess where each picture is from!

I’ve seen that a lot of you had a hard time guessing those tricky snapshots that I’ve left last month. What’s more depressing is that none had perfected the snapshots! I wouldn’t want you to wait this long so, here are the answers for last month’s snapshots!

Answers for April 2016:

  1. 24 Carrot Island, a recolored version of the carrot cake in the billboard in front of the factory.
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island, one of the hanging pots inside the Inventing Room.
  3. Mocktropica, a painting inside the common room: The Blue Locust.
  4. Red Dragon Island, in East Edo, the bird on top of the shogun statue.
  5. Vampire’s Curse Island, inside a hole in the Great Hall (accessed by members only).
  6. Night Watch Island, near the shark tank inside Crawl Mart.
  7. Mocktropica, on top of the cheese factory.
  8. Shrink Ray Island, one of the windows in the cafeteria.
  9. Virus Hunter Island, Joe Stockman’s stove in his apartment.
  10. Monster Carnival Island, one of the crates in front of the big tent.

Here are *some* of the winners from last month. Since there was none who guessed them all correctly, here are the ones who guessed at least one correct answer! Congratulations!

  1. Tall Cactus with 1 correct answer! 
  2. Short Feather with 1 correct answer!
  3. Pinku Randomness with 2 correct answers!
  4. Creepy Goose with 6 correct answers!

Another thing: I want to ask is that if you guys prefer to have this monthly or biweekly. I am considering this so that a lot of people can play Stolen Snapshots because if it’ll be monthly, the game could get buried underneath a lot of posts. If it’s biweekly, it’ll be quite hard when school gets busy, but it’ll be better for you guys. Would you like it to be that way or nah? Leave your suggestions below!

Now, let’s move on to this month. Ten snapshots might’ve been too difficult, so I’ve reduced the number down to 5 — although, the number of snapshots may vary each month!

Stolen Snapshots: May 2016

Make sure to read the mechanics down below, as well as the reward for correctly guessing them all!


  1. You are only allowed to have 1 answer for each picture. You may leave your guesses in the comments of the post or the PHB’s Stolen Snapshots page.
  2. If the answer is wrong, you can try and comment again.
  3. There are 5 winners each month, to be featured in the next post.
  4. Anything unrelated to the snapshots will not be accepted.
  5. Of course, enjoy the game!

Reward 🏆

Check back next month to see if you made it to the Top 5! All of the winners will get a chance to be immortalized on the Stolen Snapshots page, right here on the PHB!

So, decide the fate of Stolen Snapshots by commenting down below and you can now start guessing in 3…2…1… GO! 🙂


-Slippery 💦

66 thoughts on “Someone’s stealing snapshots… (Round Two!)

  1. Marshmallow says:

    Alrighty, here we go.
    1. ?
    2. Totally Super Power Island
    3. Lunar Colony Island
    4. Monster Carnival Island
    5. ?
    By the way, I’d like it to be biweekly instead of monthly. I forgot all about Stolen Snapshots by the time this came out.

  2. Ylimegirl says:

    Hrm… I’d say

    1. Cryptids Island shop
    2. Monster Carnival
    3. One of the buildings in Super Power Island
    4. Super Villain Island
    5. The kitchen in Shrink Ray Island

    I’d say do biweekly instead of monthly. Also I don’t think recoloring that picture was really fair…

  3. Funny Tiger says:

    #1: car by train track n nightwatch ??????
    #2:Monster carna
    #3: spy island
    #4: Superpowerisland
    I may have got them in the wrong order but ok ^_^
    btw im Funny Tiger

  4. Lucky Wing says:

    Alrighty then. Here are my guesses.
    1. Night Watch, it’s one of the kiddy rides.
    2. Night Watch again. Sneaky! It’s in a shop window, not sure which one
    3. Superpower, it’s on one of the buildings, the news one i think.
    4. Game Show, it’s the museum door!
    5. It looks like it’s from Shrink Ray to me, in the kitchen… i’ll go for it.
    Go for biweekly. Less suspense for me.

  5. Spotted Dragon says:

    1. Probably not, but Night Watch?
    2. Do you know how many windows of that color there are? A lot. So, uh… Monster Carnival?
    3. Super Power?
    4. Game Show?
    5. Uh, Shrink Ray?

  6. Hyper Gamer says:

    1. Black Lot
    2. Monster Carnival
    3. Super Power Island
    4. Astro-Knight
    5. Escape from Pelican Rock

    I think you should do this biweekly. It gets buried in new posts.

  7. Wild feather Wildfire says:

    3.daily paper on super power island on game show island
    5.bowl of grapes on shrink ray island
    also biweekly

  8. FairyTale says:

    1. Night Watch Island
    2. Monster Carnival Island
    3. Super Power Island
    4.Game Show Island
    5. Spy Island

    I’m not sure, but I tried. xD

  9. PeachyPie says:

    1.Night Watch
    2.Monster Carnival
    3.Super Power
    4.Spy Island?
    5.Shrink Ray

    I guessed and did my best (or maybe not).

  10. Dr. Suriv says:

    1. Home Island (Mobile Shop)
    2. Game Show Island (Robot Outfit Store)
    3. Super Power Island (Daily Planet)
    4. Game Show Island (Museum)
    5. Arabian Nights Episode 3 (Sultans Secret Paint Entrance Room)

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