Our Discovery Island on mobile!

(Hey guys! This is a guest post by TechWizard, who wants to tell us about Our Discovery Island being turned into an app. Let’s check out some of the new stuff! –Slippery 🐊)

Hoi Poptropicans! TechWizard here not with a developer post but with something completely different! *cue booing*

Oh, hold your boos. You’re going to either love or hate this because I’ve found Poptropica’s educational clone, Our Discovery Island… on mobile*more booing*

But wait, what’s so special about this? Well, it’s called Poptropica English, despite other Poptropica English apps in existence. However, it’s quite like desktop ODI!


The app contains few, but significant changes from the desktop version:

  • In the desktop version, it’s called “Our Discovery Island” but now, the app is called “Poptropica English Island Game“. It is probably because of the change of management from Pearson to Sandbox.
  • In the app, everyone can now experience the game through a free trial. The trial ends after few scenes. If you have your account from the desktop version, you can also use it to play the full version.
  • You can also play the different games (Quiz, Match Cards, and etc.) from the menu!
  • Item names are now capitalized rather than in lowercase.
  • It now runs on the same game engine as the Poptropica app from the character customization and interface!
  • Although, the islands are still the same— from the quests, gameplay and to the voices.

You can check out the game on Apple or Android devices by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.

Well, time to go crawl back to the hole I reside in! *cue piano music* We’ll meet again, don’t know where and I don’t know when! Oh, I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day!


Hope you enjoyed this guest post by a PHB reader! The PHB welcomes guest posting from anyone in our community if you have something to share, whether it be sneak peeks, My Place in Poptropica stories, or any other ideas you might have. We also encourage sharing on our subreddit and the PHC.

If you have an idea for a guest post, send it in to staff@poptropicahelp.net!😀


23 thoughts on “Our Discovery Island on mobile!

      • Tall Cactus says:

        ODI is so educational that is has almost no story. It seems like Current Pop has replaced education with story telling, and I am actually happy about that. The stories are the only reason that I love the game so much.

      • AdelaideQueen says:

        ODI is supposed to be cheesy since it’s aimed at like… 6 year olds or people learning English. Or Poptropica was just milking it. 😛

        But current Pop is just UGH to me, especially since they’re gonna make it in Unity. The older, educational islands were fun too, look at Mythology and Time Tangled Island.

      • greedyshadow says:

        Lier! The reason why I hate playing educational games is because the education gets in the way and makes the game boring. I could care less for Poptropica English. zzzzzz.

      • greedyshadow says:

        But even Time Tangled Island is better. (Why did they take away that Fact Monster thing?)

      • greedyshadow says:

        Well AdelaideQueen, we haven’t even seen Poptropica in Unity yet. And there are a lot more interesting Islands, and (about) 40 of them. There are good sides and some bad sides of the game. Hopefully they will be fixed in Poptropica 2.0. But at least it’s better than CLUB PENGUIN!!

  1. Whovian-Pegasister says:

    AAAAAAH GRAVITY FALLS REFERENCES YAAAAAAYYYYYY (haha sorry obsessive fangirl over here) *grins madly* (I also freaked out a little when Tech said ‘hoi’ because me and my friends all shriek Undertale memes at each other all the time “^^)

  2. Tall Cactus says:

    Poptropica English ISLAND GAME?!? What kind of name is THAT? And OMG they changed it from orange to blue so it looks exactly like the real Pop app. What were these people thinking…

  3. short feather says:

    i think pearson made this to make poptropica look bad for revenge on quiting on them and they used the same mechanics because they already knew what it was like

  4. Lucky Wing says:

    What is up with the names of the islands? Future island? Space island?
    WHAT IS THIS?!?!?
    i gotta get off the sugar…
    But i just bought myself a container of tictacs, so that’s not gonna happen.
    oh well.

  5. Some Guy says:

    I’ve just learnt to appreciate the names for normal pop. islands a lot more,what with Back Lot Film Studio Island and Lunar Colony Space Island.

    Other than that,’Poptropica English’ sounds like some name a bootleg would have or something.

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