PHB Sneak Peeks: the Card-Carrying Gamers (and more)

Hey, Poptropicans!

Mighty Gamer here with a really cool behind-the-scenes post. Credit goes to idk for these sweet sneak peeks you are about to witness straight from the Poptropica files!

Mighty Action Force Card Game Room (whew, was that long)

Home Island will have a room dedicated to the card game from PoptropiCon, and guess what? There will even be new cards added to the deck! Here’s a super cool video of the unfinished room thus far, which you can watch by clicking here.

Also, by opening this xml file, you can find the card names and what group they belong to. Each card also has its own store card, which you can find in the html file, as well.


Utah McDiggs… the Poptropican Indiana Jones?

There’ll also be a card manager popup, which you can view here. I don’t know about you, but the idea of a new room gets me excited! Maybe this’ll be out sometime soon! Here’s the card manager:


Mighty Action Force card manager

Anywho, enough with this part. Onto some different sneakaroos…

Pearson Flashlight

There’s also the Pearson Flashlight, which you can see the Poptropican below holding. This item sure does scream Zomberry, doesn’t it? At least, it does to me. 😛

This flashlight can turn different colors, and not just 1, or 2, or 3 – but 5 colors! It can turn purple, a green…ish color, blue, white, and the default color – orange. Not half bad for a flashlight, huh?

This particular blue is my favorite out of the 5 colors, what about you? I’ll leave it to you to decide. Here are the colors. Let me know your opinion in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!

Poptropica “Bio”

At one point or another, a “bio” of sorts was being considered for our characters. I don’t know to what extent this would affect the gameplay, but we do have this photo of the short bio meant to be for our Poptropicans:


Yes, we could have filled in information for our favorite food, favorite color, our pets, and hobbies. But what are “score” and “rank” for? As you can see, the rank filled in is “Greenbeak”, whatever that means. We’ll probably never know now, assuming this is an idea that was discarded.

Music Mixer

And then there’s the Music Mixer…


(The colored circles aren’t meant to be there, but there was a glitch.)

The music mixer… who knows what the Creators were initially thinking? As we can see, it was a tool for making music – perhaps like the machine in the Nanobots tribe room, before they came up with the current design (pictured below).

Or it could’ve been for something else, like the Jazz Cafe on Counterfeit Island. It could’ve even been for a room that never came to be. There’s no way to know for sure. Another mystery of Poptropica…


Nanobots tribe room [credit goes to Poptrickia for the photo initially meant for this page]

Onto the final sneakaroo!

Credit Requester

And finally, we have the credit requester…

credits request

I believe this was originally going to be for the “Account Settings” we have before the idea was abandoned. I guess this idea was an old one, because where it says “Earn free credits”, it says “Get 100 free credits for each island you solve!” – and we all know it’s been a long time since those days.

As you can see in the picture, you could send email requests to people (such as parents) asking them to buy you credits. Along with that, it gives an option to “buy credits with your credit card” (which was partially cut off).

One last thing: I’m assuming that this was considered before membership and its benefits, because why would you need to buy credits (with real money) when you can get everything for free with membership? You used to be able to, but the option was removed not long after membership became a thing.

Well, that’s all for this post! What do you think? Like or dislike? Let me know in the comments below.


54 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: the Card-Carrying Gamers (and more)

  1. The Colt says:

    Person-ally, 😛 My favorite color of the flashlight is blue. Wow! This was a lot of things to cover in one post! Good job MG!

  2. Some Guy says:

    MAF Card Room-Very nice! Glad they’re making this a minigame you can play at any time (sort of like Twisted Wizard). But why is ‘Dr.Smarty-Pants’ at level 0?

    Pearson Flashlight- This was actually posted before a year or two back by Puterpop. Sounds like someone’s trying to im-PEARSON-ate HP,amirite? *dodges tomato*

    Bio-This would be really neat,actually. I think score is for battle ranking and rank is for number of islands completed. But why is ‘hampster’ misspelled?

    Theme Music-Meh. Pretty pointless now that SUIs exist,though you could make a little jingle for when you enter the game or when there’s a loading screen…

    Requesting Credits-Meh. Pretty pointless now that membership exists (yes,I know that membership exists that I’m repeating myself). Though I think the idea of requesting credits from other players or even getting them with your Credit Card is actually worse than the problems others have with membership.

  3. That Clean Shark Dude says:

    That score on the old bio card? That used to be a thing. At least for a little bit, anyway.

    Back in 2007, when I first started Poptropica, I remember the score being displayed on the bottom middle area of the character creation screen. As for what that was supposed to do, I had no clue. Because that never actually did anything after you created a character. I’m assuming that the feature was removed at some point.

    • Mighty Gamer says:

      Huh, seriously? You must have a good memory. I joined either in 2007 or 2008 and I don’t remember that. Welp, that’s weird. Why would they take the time to add it and then remove it? One must wonder…

      • That Clean Shark Dude says:

        It is odd. I’m pretty sure that the only reason I remember it at all is because I played the game every day but always with a new character since I didn’t know how to save or something.

  4. ѕιlly pelιcαɴ ♪♫ says:

    Okay, I have to say a BUNCH of things, so please bear with me ,lol 🙂
    1. The MAF Card Game room is pretty neat, actually! I enjoyed playing the game on Poptropicon. Excellent idea
    .2. The pearson flashlight is pretty good, actually! I’m a fan of the blue and white, I wish this was a thing, but pearson doesn’t own Poptropica anymore.
    3. The bio is fine, but pretty pointless anyways, since we have quizzes 😛
    4. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with this one, but I do assume Some Guy (^) must be right with his theory.
    5. I’m not even gonna say anything, since membership is a THING in poptropica, heh 😛

  5. greedyshadow says:

    I might recommend more colors for the flashlight such as red, black, yellow, and maybe a different shade of green. And it would probably be best to have those colored circles instead of using the space bar to change the color.

  6. greedyshadow says:

    What they also need to do is update the colorizer to give you the ability to change the color of both your eyes and pupils. Plus it’ll be very easy to change them to regular color. So cool! 🙂

    • Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

      They really should. They already explored the concept of colorized pupils on Lunar Colony Island, all they would have to do is expand the feature to the rest of Poptropica(hopefully being usable with both SUIs and Non-SUIs). If not with the Colorizer, a brand new store/event card.

  7. Lucky Wing says:

    I was a ton of thoughts, so if anyone wants to bother reading my rather long comment, go right ahead.
    Mighty Force Action Card Game Room: Uh… OK. I haven’t done PopCon yet, so i really haven’t done this… but i know it’s like Magic the Gathering. I played that once. It was fun, but *adopts snobbish voice* i have since had other things happen in my life. *drops it* Aka, i had no time. *sigh*
    Pearson Flashlights: Cool! i want the blue one and the purple one and the green one and… i gotta calm down. WAY too much sugar today.
    And I’m probably gonna have more tonight. I get snacky when i draw.
    Poptropican Bio: That should be implemented! I mean put in! Geez, i use big words. But i assume it was there for friends. I would SO use it!
    That person has a hampster.
    Is that the result combino-ray hitting a hamster and a hamper?
    You have no idea what i do in my spare time.
    Music Mixer: Pretty cool! Dunno if i’d use it, but it’s cool. I’m a Nanobot, so i recognized the pic, i use that whenever i go in there!
    But usually nobody else is in there.
    And i get lonely.

    Hello? is anyone there?
    Credit Requester: Well, that’s something i’m glad WASN’T implemented. I’ve seen that in a few other games and it’s stupid. I wouldn’t spend my money to get fake money. But hey, maybe that’s cool with you, but i prefer those things being earned.
    And… I’m done. if you read that, Thank you. If you didn’t… then you don’t see this anyways, so it doesn’t matter.

  8. short feather says:

    i wish youcould play mighty action force like a multi player and maybe you could buy card decks from the store Utah mcdigs has crisis caverns written all over it

    • Yujo_Jacy_the_Jumpy_Coyote says:

      It’s already a game meant for two players, so that’s actually a great idea. All they would have to do is convert the game from Player vs. CPU to Player vs. Player and it would probably become an instant favorite in Common Room Battles. I’m sure Might Action Force games would become more difficult when facing actual players though compared to versing PoptropiCon’s NPCs 😉 .

      • Hyper Gamer says:

        My guess is that if it were two players, we would not be able to see opponent’s cards before putting ours down like in Poptropicon where the NPC always puts their card first.

      • short feather says:

        well I mastered the game so I’m getting board of winning againist the pase girl and I think you could buy 75 crdit card packs from the store and when you go in the building you could play a random game with someone or enter a username and if they were playing you could play with them and dr.smarty pnats has a ranking of 0 because he reflects your attack

  9. short feather says:

    I found out how to get a maf shield put it on from ep 3 after complting ot put on feets of speed log back in and go to a non sui ta da

  10. HappyHappy760 says:

    Well, my thoughts on the credit requester is that it is really sort of pointless now, considering membership. Requesting credits from your parents doesn’t seem like the best idea, because every time a kid wanted some more credits for something, they would just submit and email over and over, and that might be annoying to their parents.
    My thoughts on the Poptropica bio is, What??
    This seems really pointless considering the friends page, which tells plenty of random information about you, that probably includes your favorite color, food, and your pets. I think that might be a major reason the Creators didn’t implement that into the game. Also, a score would be pretty hard to come up with. First, there would have to be a limit, and it would be hard to just base it off of one thing. Like, how many islands you’ve completed, battle rank, friends, and how long with you’ve been playing. That would be kinda hard to just completely add up to a certain point. That’s about it for my thoughts.
    Thank you if you have beared with me and read to the end of this comment. 😛

  11. blazeizoneblogmsg says:

    How do i get the flashlight thingy and how did you get to that weird island plz tell me if you dont want to tell how did you get on that island then can you tell me how to get the swagalish flashlight i liked it so much plz reply!

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