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PHB Special: Hidden Games of Poptropica

Hey Poptropicans! 😀

Throughout Poptropica, you may come across the occasional hidden game – a mini-game you can play just for fun, that has no effect on the island quest you’re on. In this PHB Special, we’ll be taking a look at these sometimes-forgotten fun features that add a little excitement to Poptropica!

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Note: this list does not include games that are required during islands that you can re-play for fun later, nor does it include official mini-quests that come with their own item card in the Store.

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Table Football :: Big Nate Island

The first truly noteworthy “extra game” to arrive on Poptropica can be found on Big Nate Island. Inside the secret clubhouse at the top of the playground, you have to play the ‘Go To Jail’ hangman game, but the ‘Table Football’ game is optional. In Table Football, you aim a folded piece of paper into a football post, and you need 3 goals out of a maximum of 5 chances to win.

Plus, if you do win, you get a bonus book called Big Nate’s Pratical Jokes! Good, wholesome fun.

bignate tablefootball

Computer Ping-Pong :: Counterfeit Island

Inside the Web Browser Cafe on Counterfeit Island’s Main Street, clicking on the computers will activate a cool little computer game of ping-pong! The graphics and concept are simple: just move your cursor up and down to control your white ping-pong board on the left.

Like a goalkeeper, you want to prevent the pixelled balls from getting past your wall (the left) by bouncing them back with your board. The red balls are normal, while the yellow bonus balls move a bit faster and will also split apart into more balls and come back once they hit your board.

Slot Machine :: Wild West Island

On the facade of the Four Aces Casino in Dos Cactos on Wild West Island, you’ll find, at the very top left corner, a slot machine! It’s fairly straightforward: click on the crank at the left to turn the machine, and see where each of the three slots land when they’re done spinning. If they’re all the same, a slew of jalapeno peppers will rain down like confetti! If not, nothing happens.

Pool :: Game Show Island

On the bottom level of the Club Nouveau Riche on Game Show Island’s Main Street, under the glowing 8-ball sign, you can play a game of pool by clicking on the pool table! There’s just one ball, the white ball, and your goal is to align your pool cue (the stick) to try to roll the ball into the hole.

The blue circles, which appear in varying sizes, will make your ball bounce back, resulting in possible point multiplications. Every time you win (by rolling the ball into the hole), you get more lives. See how high of a score you can get before you run out of lives!

Planet Slug :: Night Watch Island

Notably similar to the pop-ular mobile game Angry Birds, Planet Slug is an app game found on your cell phone on Night Watch Island. In this game, you fling a little rocket ship from a slingshot in outer space, and your goal is to aim it at these green planets that look like slugs. Your rocket ships may also hit the asteroids, but that is not the ultimate goal. If you can hit all the slugs before you run out of lives, you win!

Terror in the Garden :: Zomberry Island

During the zomberry apocalypse, Gamer Guy is too busy holed up in his apartment on Zomberry Island playing video games. If you click on his gaming console, you’ll activate a game called Terror in the Garden! This game is essentially the same as the final showdown on the island when you’re saving the citizens with the zomberry antidote, except instead of people, you’re shooting at vegetables with faces! There are no prizes for winning, but it’s good practice for later in the island.

garden zomb game

Mega Fighting Bots :: Mocktropica Island

Inside Ephraim University on Mocktropica Island, if you click on the computer in the classroom, you can play Mega Fighting Bots! In MFB, you play as Bucket Bot, and you move around by clicking on where you want to go. To attack, you double-click, and your goal is to destroy your opponent before they destroy you.

Since MFB is also a main part of the Mocktropica bonus quest, you can find more tips and info for the game on our Mocktropica Island Guide. Alternatively, you can also play MFB on the external Mega Fighting Bots site set up by the Poptropica Creators!

Feats of Speed :: Home Island

Most recently, Poptropica added a new mini-game to Home Island called Feats of Speed, which you can read more about in this PHB post. Not part of any island quest, this recycles a part of PoptropiCon: Episode 1 where you race the Cheetah Bandit to the top of a building.

To get started, talk to Speedy Sam on Home Island (you’ll recognize him by the treadmill) and he’ll challenge you to a race. If you can beat his score, he’ll let you try for the world record, and if you beat that, you’ll win a snazzy pair of Sneakers that you can wear on your feet (really)! There are more sneakers to come, so stay tuned for that as well.

Plus, we’ve been getting hints of Poptropica working on some more mini-games that are Zomberry-themed – we’ll have to wait and see what this becomes!

Anyway, that about wraps up this list of hidden games in Poptropica! Which ones do you like? What are your high scores? Do you want Poptropica to include more of these hidden games within the islands? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

As always, stay popping, Poptropicans!



51 thoughts on “PHB Special: Hidden Games of Poptropica”

  1. I remember table football! I played it a lot when I was trying to beat Big Nate … it was the first island I beat by myself! Lol, I was so happy when I did that … I was younger …

      1. Ha, I had the same feeling when I finally finished Undertale. (Pacifist ftw!)

  2. Omg I had no idea about the slot machine! But I knew about all of the others, especially pool. I got totally obsessed with it a few years ago 😛

    1. Hehe, Poptropica pool is pretty cool. Personally I think it would be fun to have a Poptropica pinball mini-game – I was obsessed with a pinball game on my computer in my younger days before Poptropica. 😀

      1. Pop pinball sounds pretty cool. What if they had one on each island and released them like they did with the monkey followers?

  3. I knew about all of the games aside from Wild West Island’s Slot Machine – I think I may have messed with it at some point but for the most part I ignored it.

    Even though it has been awhile since I played Big Nate Island, mostly because of the Poptropica Creators’ decision to make it membership locked, I do remember playing that Table Football game – ’twas fun 🙂 .

    I’ve spent a bunch of time trying to beat my records on Counterfeit Island’s Pong game – I think I managed to get around 120 points once, but after that trying to keep up with the barrage of balls is extremely difficult!

    I tried out Game Show Island’s Pool game once, but I kind of just gave up on it since I wanted to complete the rest of the quest ^^’ .

    Night Watch Island’s Planet Slug was one of the first parts of the Smart Phone that I noticed – I did beat it after a few tries, and it totally seemed like an Angry Bird-styled game.

    I like how Zomberry Island handles Terror of the Garden as practice to the quest’s finale, even though it is optional.

    When Mega Fighting Bots came out as a game separate from Poptropica, I found myself trying to fight the first bot over and over in a rigged standoff that I was too stubborn to give up on. I only realized the fight was literally impossible when the bot revived itself with coins after I dropped its health to zero a second time. Since the bonus quest of Mocktropica Island is membership locked, I probably won’t end up converting them to scrap-metal >:D .

    The Home Island’s Feats of Speed event so far has not only served as throwbacks to Poptropicon Island’s Cheetah Bandit Rooftop Race and Arabian Nights Island’s Brutus Chase, but its awards are also the very first wearable footwear, aside from Wimpy Boardwalk Island’s Flip Flops, to appear in Poptropica. I just hope this event isn’t cut short like the not so distant Monkey Madness event was; still waiting for Reality Monkey, Viral Monkey, and Veggie Monkey. . . 😐

    Definitely looking forward to when those Zomberry themed minigames come to light in-game, either in the current iteration of Poptropica or the next – the new Poptropica is supposedly coming up later this year after all.

    1. Update. My new high score is…….. going to be announced after the break! JK! I got 12,880 points!

  4. Now that you mention slot machines, I never knew such thingies ever existed in Poptropica! o-o WoW!1!

      1. Poptropica has some hidden games like machines with slots, and don’t forget about Mega Fighting Bots!

    1. Yeah, they must have accidentally paired the Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 NPC with the Mystery of the Map Photo Booth on non-SUIs somehow. This is probably a leak of an old advertisement building, and may be fixed when the Creators take notice of the mistake. To be honest, I probably would have missed it if I never saw your comment, so thanks!

  5. And noww its time for a….
    GAME SHOW!!!
    With our special host…
    YOUNG SINGER!! ” Oh thank you! HI MOM!!” ( waving to camera )
    We’ll be back after the brief commercial break!!

    1. Mighty Heart: Hi Sleepy Jumper (sister) and whoever my cousin is! And all my friends who play! I am honored to be guest staring *a cane tuggs on my torso* Wait! I need to give a thanks speach! Thank you mom and-
      Young Singer: I don’t get paid enough.

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