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Feats of Speed, Week Two: I’m Red-dy, I’m Red-dy!

Wihi folks, Cobalt here!


Man, last week sure sped by fast! 😉 What’s the prize this week?


If you’re slow (wink), you wouldn’t have been able to tell my sneak peek post pretty much proves each week’s prize will be a different colored pair of running sneakers.

Anyway, meet Speedy Sam(wow5) on Home Island by his treadmill, and you’ll soon be met with another race. This time, it’s on Arabian Nights Island in the thieves’ lair! The race is a tad harder, but I still beat him on my first try, so odds are you can too. 😛

Screenshot at Apr 28 17-03-32.png

And of course, the walking effect is re-colored as well.


If you also play on the Poptropica app, you’ll be happy to know you can now race Speedy Sam there as well! The update is available for iOS and Android devices.


Have fun with the sneakers and keep running, Poptropicans!


36 thoughts on “Feats of Speed, Week Two: I’m Red-dy, I’m Red-dy!”

  1. Sweet shoes! I really like the color. 😀 (YAS!!! I FINALLY GOT FIRST LIKE AND FIRST COMMENT, OH YEAH! LET’S GO!!! XD)

  2. The red ones could be great for a Flash costume and the blue ones for a Sonic costume, but they’re still not on non SUIs! How long does it take to do that? 😦

    1. I’m new for commenting, I’ve been here for abot two to three years and I can tell you now it gets way better 😉

  3. About time they made shoes. I was beginning to get a bit irritated walking barefoot. I would love to see more types of shoes. Heck even make a customisable feature for your shoes so you can change the color and design.

  4. I managed to beat the “World Record” my first attempt as well. For someone named Speedy Sam, he isn’t really that fast 😛 . My best “World Record” is – 00:08:56

    This Arabian Nights Lair of Thieves race was a bit more fun to experiment with than the Poptropicon Roof race from last week 😀 . I just hope they resume the Monkey Madness event after this Feats of Speed event is over ^^’ .

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  6. Cool post,Slip! 🙂 The red shoes really seem to match with the shirt and I like what you did with the guitar! 😉

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