Pop-TROPE-ica: Venting about Vents

Hey folks, Cobalt here!

Listen, we all love venting, we all do it, it’s the only thing that keeps us from going Binary Bard crazy. Though, today I’m talking about another kind of venting… one that’s a common Poptropica trope. I’m talking about adventuring inside vents.


It seems to me that not only does Poptropica love trash digging, but also loves making us navigate our way through vents quite a bit.

Let’s count the islands: 24 Carrot (the vent system in the factory), SOS (when you swim through vents because the ship is flooded), Night Watch (at the end, when you’re chasing the burglar), Monster Carnival (inside Honest Gabe’s, where you find the newspapers), and Escape from Pelican Rock (when you’re manipulating the air vents above the kitchen). Five islands!

Plus, an original concept for Shrink Ray contained a vent traveling scene as well, though it was later scrapped (though we still go through a trash maze).


Spy Island and Super Power Island had some kind of vent scenes, but they weren’t exactly crawl spaces like these. (ex. The dogs’ hallway maze in Spy and Rat man’s sewer in Super Power)

So, whether it’s escaping prison, breaking into an apothecary, traveling secretly through an abandoned factory or capturing a burglar on your night shift at the mall, it really doesn’t matter. The Poptropica Creators obviously love to “vent”. 😉

Do you Pop-trope-icanos enjoy these vent scenes? Do you find them repetitive or annoying? Fun and enjoyable? Talk about it! Converse!

No, not the sneaker brand. Like, chat! 😀

Until next time, folks!



19 thoughts on “Pop-TROPE-ica: Venting about Vents”

  1. The venting scenes can be rather annoying. But it’s really interesting to see the different ways they are used (breaking into an apothecary, escaping prison, etc.) 😀

  2. The vent scenes always confused when I was little, so I’ve just adapted to dislike them. Oh, and I don’t know if this counts, but in Game Show Island you have to find the neon green glow stick at the end of an underwater maze… meh, that is not really a vent, but it came to mind when I read this. I am really liking these Pop-TROPE-icas, it has you see things from a different angle!

      1. andrew made it for me, so no idea. i’d imagine the same way paul makes his meme faces, tho. just open up a photoshop thing, select the color and erase your expression and just put on or draw on another

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Spy Island have a vent-crawling thing when you go inside the restaurant to get the fingerprint from the B.A.D. agent? I can’t really remember, it’s been a bit since I played that island last. 😛

    1. In a way. The bistro wasn’t 100% a crawl space, but I get what you mean. Like, look at the pictures on the post, they literally look the same, but the B.A.D. Bistro had about 2 squares worth of “ventage”. 😛 It just seemed too different for me to put in the post.

  4. LOL I find the vents SUPER annoying! I mean.. they get on my nerves. Can’t believe how much room are in vents! Like what? Usually vents can’t even fit, like, a shoe if you lodged it in there so… #GladMyPoptropicanDoesn’tHaveClaustrophobia xD ~ Panda

  5. I love the vents, namely because it’s another running gag, also, because i just like that i can go through vents!
    And i can’t do this IRL. Too big. =(

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