PHB Sneak Peeks, Zomberry Island

PHB Sneak Peeks: Zomberry Mini-Games?

Hey Poptropicans, ready for a peek into what’s going on behind the curtains of Poptropica HQ?

Many of us have noticed that Poptropica has been so busy behind-the-scenes that they haven’t delivered much lately. Whatever big updates they’re working on, they’re not divulging – we’re barely getting any sneak peeks on the Daily Pop, and even Poptropica’s own Skinny Moon has mentioned she’d love to say more, but can’t reveal anything yet.

But thanks to a brief tip sent in by PHB reader Hyper SW, we just might have some clue of what’s going on and what’s to come! This is the heads-up that was given to the PHB:

“A new game called Game Jam is coming soon! In the game you defend yourself from zomberries using different musical instruments. Due to legal matters, I’m going to keep this update short.”


Well, that’s interesting! Zomberry 2.0? Another sneak peek, this one from an anonymous PHC glitcher, is of another upcoming game called Zomberry Catapult:


Despite the Zomberry Main Street scenery, we’re not sure if this is an island in itself – it looks like Poptropica is working on a series of mini-games to keep us entertained (as we await the next island!). You may remember a few Daily Pop sneak peeks from February where we saw zombie characters in what appeared to be platformer games and other mini-games. They seem to be related:

What could all this mean? Will we get to play these Poptropica original games on Home Island? Will Zomberry Island be getting an update? Or will Poptropica release a mobile app containing several these little games? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Stay popping, Poptropicans.



33 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Zomberry Mini-Games?”

  1. Oooh I think I have a theory! Maybe the games are actually a sneak peak for an SUI Zomberry Island. The last post did say that Back Lot could become an SUI, so maybe Zomberry will, too.

    1. That is in the realm of possibilities – we’ll have to see! There sure is a lot of focus on the Zomberries, though. Will other islands get the same amount of love? 😛

      1. I really don’t know where you got this! I know how to get into the testing rooms that Brave Tomato made a post about, but I’m so confused about this :O

      2. Well, the Zomberry sneak peeks were sent in by a couple of glitchers from the PHC. One of them is Hyper SW, who goes by “idk” on the PHC. The other wants to remain anonymous. They may not want to reveal their ways, though. 😛

  2. Welp, better reload those Zomberry Antidote-based Medical Guns, everybody! Wheres Dr. Romero when you need him? Looking forward to these minigames when they finally make it into the game 🙂 .

      1. NOOOOOOOO!! i am not becoming a zomberry again!!
        I need more antidote.
        Ok, Ok, it may not seem like it, but i am super pumped 4 this!
        Just so long as i don’t get turned into a zomberry. Don’t ask me to do that, and we’ll get along great.

      1. Poptropica is hiding . . . THAT POP STAIN ON THE RUG! :O Scandalous! xD

    1. Yikes, that would be my worst nightmare… well… my second worst. The worst would be if Poptropica didn’t clean up that pop stain on the rug!!! Lol XD

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