Top 5 Most Poppin’ Costumizables in Poptropica

Hey folks, Cobalt here!

Today, I’ll be counting down the top five most extraordinary, poppin’ customizable items in the fascinating world of Poptropica! Before we start, I’d like to add a disclaimer: These are all just my opinion.


Of course, there are also really cool items that aren’t customizable, but considering not everyone enjoys glitching, I feel it’s safer to go focus on customizables. But if popular demand demands a glitch based version of this, I’m definitely up for it. In the meantime, our ASG page does have lots of glitchable outfits.

Anyway, without further ado… here are my top five favorite extraordinary costume pieces on Poptropica!

#5 Dr. Hare’s Secret Lair: The Customizable Beard

Besides Cryptids, this is the only costumizable beard in Poptropica, and it looks super awesome. It also kind of looks like the Bat Man logo. Regardless, a cool item, and definitely deserves to be on this list!

Screenshot at Apr 04 20-12-49

#4 S.O.S. Island: The Money Hat

Honestly dudes, this hat is totally cash. I actually really like it a lot, and it’s free of charge, ironically. 😉

Screenshot at Apr 04 20-47-10

#3 Haunted House: The Witch Nose

Not only is it the only actual customizable nose in Poptropica (besides the goofy glasses, or fake noses from the Store), it also looks super cool around Halloween, and is constantly used in costume contests here on the PHB! Try dying your skin green and wearing it. Spooky! 😉

Screenshot at Apr 04 20-50-39

#2 PoptropiCon Episode 1: Cyclops Night Vision Goggles

This gives me really awesome sci-fi vibes. I’m a huge fan either these as laser goggles, night vision goggles, whatever the heck they are! They are definitely a sight for sore eyes. 😉

Screenshot at Apr 04 20-54-55

#1 Mythology Island: The Minotaur Outfit

This looks like something you just shouldn’t be able to customize. The fact it is customizable amazes me, and I really like minotaurs! Dye yourself white, black, brown, whatever – it looks beast! 😉

Screenshot at Apr 04 21-07-03

That concludes my opinions on the top five best customizable items! Do you agree with me? What are your favorite customizable items? Comment below! 😛

Until next time Poptropicanos!


22 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Poppin’ Costumizables in Poptropica

  1. SlantedFish says:

    Personally, I prefer less “popping” costume pieces, like my striped scarf, Slip’s fall fashion plaid shirt, or your shark sweater. But these are definitely special in their own way! 😛

    • Cobalt is on his iPhone says:

      I’m actually surprised you noticed “poppin'” kinda meant like flashy and tacky. 😛 Yeah, I love normal clothing tbh, but these were kind of to hopefully satisfy both glitchers and like, not glitchers. (Funny Ants).

    • Red Storm says:

      It seems where missing someone even though i haven’t been using this website for a long time?Oh wait where Samwow5 and Blake?

  2. Tall Cactus says:

    #1 for me would have to be all of those togas on Mythology. Especially the shirts.There are so many different colors and they look good with just about anything!

  3. Super Ice says:

    My favorite costumes are the costumes on Mystery Train because I like the old fashioned outfits that the characters wear.

    • Marshmallow says:

      Definitely! On my old account I would change my outfit to match whatever island I was playing (Toga, hula skirt, ect) and my favorite was TOTALLY Mystery Train.

  4. Happy Panda says:

    Get ready to change your list! On Home Island, right beside the blimp, there is a new guy. He has a huge backpack, and it has a bunch of items, inducing a sparkling jewel. The best part: IT IS CUSTOMIZABLE!

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