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An Open Letter to Poptropica


Hey Poptropicans! This is a special post where I, Slanted Fish, have written an open letter addressing some improvements that could be made to Poptropica. As a longtime player and owner of a Poptropica fansite where I see comments from confused players daily, there is much I feel is worth saying here. Discussion is highly encouraged in the comments section. Enjoy!

Dear Poptropica,

On the whole, you are a wonderful, whimsical world, full of adventure and brimming with excitement around every corner. For that, you have garnered a community of loyal fans, eager to pop in and explore, collect, compete. And yet, for the newbie and seasoned veteran alike, there are still some areas that leave something to be desired. That’s what this letter is about. This is what we need.

Part I: Improve Tutorial

When we first arrive on Poptropica, we are greeted by Tutorial (Home) Island, a quick little quest that introduces us to the world of the game. But is it enough? While playing through it can certainly give any new player a handle on some of the basics, there are still some things left unsaid. For example, how did this world come to exist? Some kind of back story would give us a bit more purpose.

What are the main points of Poptropica? We can tell that “saving the world” on this island is important (finding all the medallion shards), but what about the myriad of other features that Poptropica offers, like the Costumizer or meeting friends or the Daily Pop, that are never explicitly explained in the tutorial? For players, they must slowly figure this out on their own, yet going through this info would be of great help to a new player. And finally, what about explaining how to save your account? Some players have reported making a new account every time they played, because they didn’t know the save button even existed! Such a simple yet important step is surely worth bringing to attention. In other words, the tutorial should be more clear about all that Poptropica is.

Part II: Teleportation Within Island

Then we look to actually playing islands. On the old islands (the ones without sound), we had maps that would tell us where we were if we were feeling lost. Newer islands (sound-updated islands, also known as SUIs) have done away with this feature. While maps themselves don’t affect gameplay much, there is something that would make them a lot more helpful: teleportation.

In a lot of island quests, a lot of time is spent walking back and forth between different areas, which feels very tedious after a while. This is especially true when you are stuck in the game and are just going around trying everything you can think of. On newer islands (SUIs), where areas are much bigger, all that walking around is made even worse. On older islands, where there is no blimp button on the menu to take you back to the map, some players have reported getting lost trying to find their way back to the blimp! Vampire’s Curse is one such tricky island where it is difficult to get back. On Astro-Knights, many have also wondered how to get back into space, unaware of the spaceship that waits for them atop the castle of Arturus. It would ease quite a bit of frustration if players could use a map to teleport to areas they had already unlocked on the island. (For example: the exception, Mystery of the Map Island, which does this.)

Part III: Removing Ads

The only issue this teleportation would really affect are the ad streets that sometimes appear in between places. However, all these ad streets are often quite annoying to players who are in the middle of an island quest and only find the ad to be in their way. We can already see ads on Main Street of every island (which are fine and often engaging). But to have extra areas we are forced to pass through for the sole purpose of displaying an ad is simply a disturbance in the Poptropica experience. In addition, the ads that occasionally display on the sidebars are often quite glaring and sometimes unappealing, and its position makes it all too easy to have an accidental click into a separate site right in the middle of our Poptropica-exploring.

It’s understandable that ads bring in money for Poptropica to continue as a business, but while the Main Street ads are done well, the others are a bit of a nuisance. It might be a worthwhile idea to remove the extra ads (those not on Main Street offering prizes) for paying members of Poptropica who are already funding the site with their memberships. Many other places on the web offer this feature (paying to browse with no ads), and this perk would make membership an even more attractive option for players without affecting too much.

Part IV: Thoughts on Membership

Speaking of memberships, it should come as no surprise that Poptropica wants you to buy them – but how can they sell themselves effectively? Considering the target demographic of the game, for many players the struggle is not that they don’t want membership, but rather convincing their parents that it’s worth paying for. Because Poptropica is a computer game and not quite as physically tangible as a toy, some parents do not see it as something of enough value to throw their money at. While Poptropica does a great job flaunting the benefits of membership to kids, they may also want to add some sort of presentation aimed at parents and perhaps even teachers, focusing on educational benefits like reading, learning about different environments, building friendships, and more.

In addition, what about more ways to buy membership? Poptropica used to sell membership game cards at a variety of stores in North America, but for some reason this has become rarer. Perhaps there are complications we do not know about, but if this is something financially feasible, it should still be considered. A physical game card, like a gift card, enforces the idea that Poptropica could be a worthwhile investment for parents’ money. Another idea is to allow PayPal – just another method of electronic payment, but one that is widely used and may well be the only option for someone who for some reason or other doesn’t have a debit or credit card. More ways to buy membership increases the likelihood of more membership purchases.

All that being said, Poptropica would do well to remember that no matter what, many of their players are still not likely to buy a membership. As last summer’s scandal of seven islands becoming members only suggests, many players are here because Poptropica offers a fun-filled, but more importantly (mostly) free, world of adventure. Many kids would simply find something else to entertain them if Poptropica did not remain mostly free. Poptropica should continue to be very careful about how much they give and take away to those who can pay and those who cannot. At least for the most part, they’ve done a good job.

Part V: More Outside Advertising

I would estimate that the number of paying members right now is about a few thousand. This estimate comes from my rankings on various World Champions Player Maps after finishing islands within a day or so of the islands’ release to non-members (suggesting that the majority of finishers before me were members who would have played during early access). I am not sure what this means for Poptropica’s budget, but Poptropica could definitely benefit from more outside advertising. Wherever kids look, Poptropica needs to be waved in their faces – some places to start might be TV ads, cereal boxes, or kids’ online gaming websites (branch out from Funbrain!).

Part VI: Glitchy Gameplay

Another major issue that has been bugging (heh) some players is game glitches (and not the ‘good’ kind, to be explained later). There have been many reports from players, for some reason or other, encountering problems like never getting the safety helmet on Mocktropica that hinders them from completing islands. Although you can contact Poptropica support for help, bug complaints are still somewhat frequent. It has gotten better since the early days of SUIs, but it still has a ways to go.

A game’s smoothness (or lack of it) can make or break the game for some people. However possible, Poptropica needs to be more vigilant about fixing glitchy gameplay (perhaps by expanding their team of developers so that these issues are not so easily overlooked, and more quickly fixed?). We don’t really know all that goes on in Poptropica HQ, but with so many projects on Poptropica’s plate these days (islands, graphic novels, animations, etc), an expanded team of workers might help to speed up the processes of producing content for Poptropicans to enjoy.

Part VII: Do Something About the Uncostumizable

Now to explain “good glitching”: as some Poptropicans are aware, the art of taking advantage of Poptropica glitches to obtain rare, otherwise uncostumizable costume parts has been around for years. Many “glitchers” have made it their hobby to specialize in collecting and trading various different costume parts, particularly in places like the PHC. It has become such a big thing within this part of the Poptropica community that to take this away would leave many Poptropicans with less desire to play the game. In an attempt to make this less exclusive to most players, here at the PHB we’ve released things like the Avatar Studio Gift so that all could enjoy such costumes.

However, there’s something off about having to obtain cool costume parts from a glitch, something that was never intended to be part of the game. The solution is not quite as simple as removing such a glitch – as mentioned, doing so would turn many away from the game – but rather in making it obsolete. Players want those cool costumes, and Poptropica is doing them no favors by making them out of reach without the intervention of glitching. Instead, Poptropica should find a way to make certain “rares” obtainable, yet not as common as the average costumizable garment. They could make challenges such as mini-games with prizes or Store items that would encompass desired items like beards, special eyes, robots, animal parts, and so on.

Part VIII: Hints & Walkthroughs

Finally, Poptropica could seriously benefit from a hint system. When players get stuck on an island quest, what can they do? While some may cleverly turn to the internet for walkthroughs, for others the thought may not even cross their minds. Instead of losing players because they couldn’t figure out what to do next, or what they were even supposed to do in the first place, a hint system could remind them of who they’ve talked to and what the current missions of the island are. It could also offer up vague-to-specific hints about what to do next, so as not to completely spoil the adventure unless the player was absolutely stuck.

Poptropica has also somewhat recently started making its own walkthroughs, with videos and blog posts from Captain Crawfish. However, these currently only cater to some of the newer islands, which means that players still sometimes look elsewhere for guides. That’s a good thing for the PHB, of course, but it could still be better. Even with all the promotion on Poptropica’s own site, there is a noticeable disparity between the amount of views on official Crawfish walkthrough videos versus those of popular player Thinknoodles. While Poptropica’s walkthroughs have been decent, many players have shown preference for the likes of Thinknoodles and, not to brag, the PHB. The point is, fans of the game are able to produce good Poptropica help to fellow fans, and – though this may be a bit far-fetched – perhaps Poptropica might like to use this to their advantage by enlisting our help with creating such help resources.

We have suggested that Poptropica can help us with helping them through hopefully officializing a Poptropica Wiki, starting with providing high-quality images (although we can obtain them ourselves, Poptropica should already have them and it would be much easier if they shared them there). Officializing and promoting the guides of a fansite such as the PHB would also allow for more help to reach more Poptropicans who might otherwise be unaware of the tools available.

Anyway, that concludes this long letter of suggestions. You made it to the end! Thanks for reading!

Stay popping,

–Slanted Fish 🐠🐠
Poptropica Help Blogger

P.S. Please continue this discussion in the comments! Your thoughts matter! 🙂


41 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Poptropica”

  1. I agree with a lot here. Some of the big things that bug me as a member is I feel like there’s very little reward to it (I mean, I still enjoy supporting regardless). The stores rarely update and I have so many credits that are never spent because I already got them for free due to membership. I feel like my credits are a waste. And then there’s so many updates for the mobile version with all kinds of neat items and I greatly prefer the web version so it’s disappointing to see so many mobile items I like and know I can’t get them (and that they cost money when I am already paying membership for the web version is also depressing).

    I also do think people should be able to costumize everything. There isn’t any good reason some items are as rare as they are or only customizeable through a glitch. Similarly, some of the old ad items should really be updated (such as ones that only allow you to use that specific hair color and wont’ change to match).

  2. I agree with everything you said, Juyo. I even talked to you a bit about the lot of these things. (Besides the hint system, which is an amazing idea!) I remember being soooo stuck on Skullduggery.

    1. This is incase Poptropica reads the comments – Arabian Nights was an incredibly story driven and unique island. It was indeed one of my favorite Poptropica stories. It could have been one of my favorite islands, but honestly and truly, the gameplay was awful. Why? The tedious, repetitive and mind numbing walking through advertisements and/or traveling across the ENTIRE island from one side to the other!

      1. Remember? Arabian Nights was the winner of the Create Your Own Dream Island Contest. Which means a kid, I think her name was Sarah, wrote that amazing storyline. The Creators programmed the awful gameplay. Which is ridiculous. Hopefully they keep making better islands like EFPR. Not to be rude to the Creators or anything.

      2. Excellent point. My absolute favorites are Counterfeit, Mythology and AstroKnights. All came out a looong time ago. They need more staff; different ideas.

  3. I totally agree with you. I personally think the reason Poptropica hasn’t done any of your suggestions is because they are too focused on expanding to things such as cartoons and the graphic novel series. They should make the actual game the best it can be before even THINKING about other things. Let’s just hope the Creators read this, my Popspiracy, the comments, and everyone else’s opinions, and actually do something about it.

  4. Teleportation would be beyond perfection, and being able to customize everything (Handheld items, too.) in Poptropica would be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Honestly, though, it’s pretty unlikely to happen.

  5. this is what i think the backstory is (this continues on my theory, if you havent read it yet its in this link: :

    you are leaving to the grocery store for your parents. as you are leaving, you hear a viking horn. you turn, and a map is on the ground. you decide to pick it up. you hear a voice say: this was a map of today made by vikings. they prophecised the future would have many problems, and one would fix them. you are the one. you must go to the blue forest and there you will find a golden blimp. the blimp will lead you to poptropica, a viking word for future. the map will show you the way to each island. each island has a problem, a task, or a mystery. solve it for one island and they will give you a medal, short for medallion. once you have every medallion, you may come back and retrieve the world without problems. good luck.

      1. no, thats a whole different story. but i want it to happen like in poptropica the actual game.

  6. I agree with every aspect of the letter. I also think that Poptropica should have more Create Your Dream Island contests. That way, more people could have their dream Island on Poptropica. I’ve seen some really good ideas in the magazines, and I’d love them to be real islands!

    1. Yeah. They should. When they did do the contest, I wasn’t playing Poptropica yet, so I had no idea. I have some great ideas for islands, one of them being SUPER long and having you travel across all of the islands, with the best storyline of any island made so far. And some of my other ideas include Poptropolis Games: Winter Sports Edition and Fairy Tale Island. Hey, maybe I could do a series about island ideas on my blog!

  7. Back in 2010, I remember you could go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy a Poptropica Membership card (like and iTunes card), instead of buying online. But then a few years later, it was rare to find them. Now you can only buy it online.

  8. I agree with you fishy and also all of you. But I really want the 7 islands to be again available for non members. I miss Red Dragon island. I really want to replay it. 😦

  9. These are great ideas! I like that Poptropica isn’t one of those sites where if your not a paid member, you can’t do anything.

  10. I think a lot of people use the PayPal way since the company is extremely safe. The programmer/founder of it made so it would be “unhackable”, many hackers are still trying today to do it and none has yet hacked it or got close.(Back to the subject of Poptropica), I agree with most of these. I would improve the hint thing. I would change so when a player is stuck, it will ask them if they are stuck after not progressing for a while. I would also put a quest system type of thing with it. Just to let the player have a reminder like if they logged off for a day and came back a week later.

  11. I really agree with you Juyo !!! Those are lovely ideas ! Being a non-member sure is sad when you see so many of ur friends that are xdddd, lets hope !!! //fingers cross

  12. I agree with the whole ad-thingy. They mess me up when I time myself!! Grrrrr!!! *shakes fist at ads* Also, I agree with the store-rares. That would be pancake-flippin’ ultimate! My brother is a hardcore glitcher but complains about having to lose his current look in order to glitch. He would (and a couple of friends) would do a freaking petition to get that to happen. I kid you not.
    Alos, the hint things could be like that beardy-Viking dude in realms, like Luigi in SMB. And I think that the members should have more bonuses, since they are good customers paying good money for a good game. *huffs*
    I think I’ve ranted enough. I’ll do a new segment on my blog to rant ^_^

    1. Yeah. They should add a tip thingy. Especially for islands like Steamworks and Astro-Knights. They USED to have an official guide for Astro-Knights, but got rid of it when the book came out. That’s the closest they got to a hint thing. And I agree with you about the ads. Like, a couple months ago I was playing Astro-Knights, and I accidentally clicked on a Pelican Rock ad, and had to go all the way back to space. TWICE.
      I’ll look forward to your new blog segment too. I also think that I will make some petitions on my blog, for things like a second CYODI contest.

      1. Thanks, Cacty-boy!
        But yeah, the AK hint guide thing isn’t available anymore, which sucks for the newbies. I have it because I have been playing for a zillion years.
        But the ads? They have GOT to go. I know what you mean. I’ll be in the middle of New Jersey in Cryptids and the Creators are like “ad break!!!” and I’m just like “Dear Lord, nooooo!!!”

      2. Um… I’m a girl😂
        And let’s hope that the Creators read our comments and stop with the ads! Why do they need ads for islands? If they really need money, then have ads for upcoming movies, etc., and have the ads lead to the websites, without affecting where you are on an island!

  13. That’s why I was inactive from the Poptropica community for a while… the glitches in the game, the glitchers to get costumes….it just all ruined the game for me. I got tired of it. Hopefully Poptropica fixes it. XD

    1. I remember few years back me and you were on xat and the guy wouldn’t stop begging you for the monkey face and you went offline LOL

  14. This blog post is one of my favorite blog posts on the Poptropica help blog! I always wanted to see a youtube video about someone saying what needs to be added in Poptropoca and finely after looking on the Poptropica help blog i found what i always wanted.Thank you Slanted Fish for making this Blog post.

    1. Hello me from 2016. This is you in 2022. You thought it was bad when in 2015 the Poptropica Creators made seven islands for members. Well in 2019 they actually REMOVED 35 islands so that nobody including members can play them….

  15. This comment is a little late, as the post came out in 2016, but I need to say, I hope Poptropica gives the hints (if they’re going to do hints) like Easter Eggs. If you’re in the right place at the right time on an island, you can find tiny little pieces of paper or something, giving vague clues to what you should do next.
    I hope it’s like that so that you can find clues sometimes, if you’re lucky (which would raise the suspense and excitement on an island), but it’s not to obvious so it’s not going to ruin the mystery, and you can still try to figure the island out (not to mention how much fun it woud be for the players to try and figure out the hint).
    Thanks for reading!

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