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Recap: The PHB’s 2015 Holiday Party!

PHB holiday 2015

This weekend, the PHB hosted our 3rd annual PHB Holiday Party for all Poptropicans! Many of you even came a couple hours early, and we had a blast hanging out and playing Doodle Race on the PHB chat, the PHC (which, by the way, is always open!).

We filled about five Multiverse rooms, with lots of games being played and candy canes being thrown in the air on Poptropica. It also looked like many of you have been enjoying our Avatar Studio Gift, as we saw from your costumes!

Overall this party was a great success and I’m glad so many people came to spread holiday cheer! Those who came had a chance to talk to many of the PHB authors (we missed you, Slippery Raptor! *cries*). Again, remember that the PHC is always open for Poptropicans to hang out and chat about whatever. It’s a great place to meet other Poptropicans and occasionally PHB staff!

Thanks to all who came, and I wish all of you a belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year from all the authors here at the PHB! 😀

32 thoughts on “Recap: The PHB’s 2015 Holiday Party!”

      1. Hehe, thanks! The hair’s a combination of the prom queen bang and the vampire girl 3 back hair. The star is from the Rock Star 2. The lips, jacket, and belt are from the biker girl. The shirt was originally on a character from Game Show Island (but she’s not around anymore- feel free to have the shirt from my Friends profile (1313cookie)) and the black skirt and tights are from the glasses girl wearing all black on Cryptids Island.

    1. Hey Slanted Fish! I got to play Star Link with you! If you remember a girl with an elf hat, elf ears, and a green Prom Queen dress, that was me! YOU ARE MY SECOND POPTROPICA HERO, SLANTED FISH!!! (My first is Thinknoodles but you know, he’s got a weirdly cool sense of humor.)

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