Poptropican Meme Face Mondays: Holiday Special

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here. Today’s episode of PMFM is a special one. Christmas has just passed and the new year is close ahead.


It’s time for a special Holiday Special of PMFM (Poptropican Meme Face Mondays)!

PMFM-HolidaySpecialThis week, I haven’t made meme faces for users, but instead some inspired by the holiday season:

Feel free to click on the images to view them in their full glory. 😛

Want your own meme face?

Well, it’s simple. Comment on the most recent PMFM post (just choose the one of the list here). Be sure to follow the criteria below:

  • Very crucial: Wear the outfit you want to have in the meme face on Poptropica and keep it on for at least a week.
  • As mentioned, find the most recent PMFM post (it will be at the top of this list)
  • Include your Poptropican username in a comment.
  • Include the meme face you would like on your Poptropican in your comment (a link to an image of the meme is very preferred).
  • Post your comment and wait! (PMFM is operated on a first come-first serve basis, so your meme face will come after all of the ones before are released).
  • Just a note: You do not need to re-comment on newer posts if you haven’t gotten yours yet. Once I reply to your comment mentioning “You being added to the list,” then I have seen your comment and added it to my literal list, so yours will be made after each one before is made.

This completes this week’s special holiday episode. Tune in next Monday for the next Poptropican Meme Face Mondays!

What do you think about this week’s meme faces? Do you want one? Comment below.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

19 thoughts on “Poptropican Meme Face Mondays: Holiday Special

  1. Fearless Fox says:

    guys my birthday is on 6 jan maybe you can come at early poptropica soda pop shop
    (ynow once i forgot my birthday)
    any one can come inculuding PHB poptropicans and any one who reads ths comment im turning 9 but you can just bring yr 8 birthday balloons say 5 mins at 2 on early poptropica island the common room on jan the 6 please dont forget this day for me 😳
    anyway ill try to look nice kay ?
    im 8 now and i completed 10 islands im now stuck on conterfiet island where you have to save art
    pleeeeeaaaaasssse come to my birtbday please

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