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Photo Booth Mugshots now a Reality

Attention all Poptropican prisoners –

This is not a drill. (It’s actually a hammer! 🔨 )

If you are a prisoner of Pelican Rock, promptly make your way to the new Photo Booth at the Main Street preview of Escape From Pelican Rock Island, which comes with new prison-themed templates, characters, backgrounds, and props. Try not to smile when your mugshot is being taken.

You will meet a host of other characters at our high-tech photo station, including the Booted Bandit, Big Tuna, Florian Fosbury, Patches, Ratchet, Tex Brannigan, Warden Sharp, and Escapee. Who are these people and why do they exist as both male and female? Stop asking so many questions, prisoner!

(You may have noticed in the EFPR Island preview that the NPCs’ genders are the same as your character’s, and it looks like this may continue in the rest of the island as well considering the Photo Booth characters. Check out this Daily Pop from last month for more!)

Lineup: That’s him, third from the left.

Poptropica also tweeted out another batch of early sketches of Reality TV Island characters. Here’s both the new one and the one they shared earlier (click to enlarge images):

Speaking of Reality TV Island, congratulations to Quick Dragon for being the first resident of the small Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu to place on the map (#1,817 worldwide), earning a shoutout on the Creators’ Blog! Beat the island today and you too can have a spot on the map.


Check out the posts below to know what else is going on in Poptropica!

Thanks for popping by, Poptropicans. :mrgreen:

15 thoughts on “Photo Booth Mugshots now a Reality”

      1. HK is Hong Kong, my home city.

        Escape From Pelican Rock Island is coming in December, at least for members. Non-members will get to play it a few weeks after members – that’s how it usually goes.

  1. The hammer thing though XD !
    Yeah, I was confused about the switched NPC-gender thing, because the characters on the islands are usually the same (except the randomized NPCs)…

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