Just escaped: Dr. Hare, Skinny Moon, & more on the way

Hey Poptropicans! Poptropica’s been busy, and here’s the latest in what’s popping!

If you’re a member, you can now grab the Escapee Dr. Hare costume from the Store. Poptropica has hinted that Dr. Hare will be making an appearance soon – perhaps in the upcoming Escape From Pelican Rock? In any case, I’m currently wearing parts of the costume to get hyped for EFPR Island!

Non-members, not to worry – Poptropica plans to give away even more Escape From Pelican Rock gear on Thursday, which includes the K9 (police dog) we saw in this sneak peek! Everyone will be able to get this stuff. No specific date on EFPR’s release yet, but we do know it’s coming in December!

There’s something else going on this Thursday: Poptropica will be releasing a World Champions’ live map for Reality TV Island! Plus, they’ll be offering first-time finishers of Reality TV Island 200 credits (instead of the usual 150). Get your game on with the PHB’s Reality TV Island Guide. The map goes live at 3pm Eastern time tomorrow!

Hollywood, here I come.

Hollywood, here I come.

Also, Veteran’s Day has just passed us by – and Poptropica gave a shoutout to a Creator we haven’t heard about, Golden Boot, on social media! In addition to tweeting that he’d worked in military intel for 6 years, they also gave out a quote from him on the Poptropica Facebook page which reads:

I spent most of my time translating Spanish, but I was cross-trained as an Interrogator and Counter Intelligence Agent. I worked security at Olympic Village in ’02 under the Secret Service, and did stints in Nicaragua, Spain, Qatar, and Kuwait, and participated in the invasion of Iraq.

Good for you, Golden Boot! 🙂 Maybe we’ll hear more snippets of other Creators’ stories in the future?

Anticipating that some Poptropicans would have the day off, newly-revealed Creator Skinny Moon (who currently runs Poptropica’s Twitter) held another impromptu Poptropica party, this time in the Home Island common room at about 1pm Eastern time! Apparently, she was crushed in head-to-head Balloons but was victorious in Paint War.

Keep checking Poptropica’s Twitter (and the PHB’s, in our blog sidebar) for more of these spontaneous hangouts! In the meantime, the PHC is also a good place to hang out with Poptropicans. 😉

Be sure to catch up on more news below in Blake’s post: Dogs on the scent, pumpkins for all, and the return of Cosmoe! Stay popping, Poptropicans. 😀


18 thoughts on “Just escaped: Dr. Hare, Skinny Moon, & more on the way

  1. Some Guy says:

    Also,why did a guy who worked in the military for 6 years join the staff of an online computer game aimed at 6-15 year olds? I don’t know,I would think there would be a lot of better job options than that.

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