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Import your desktop Poptropican to the app & more!

Hi Gs,

The Poptropica app got a serious update today with lots of different features, namely a new import function that allows you to gain your appearance and name from the online version. However, this update is currently only available for Kindle Fire devices (probably has something to do with Amazon’s lax app approval system), so I was able to try it out first hand.


Do note that you have to create a new character to import the look, so the character you originally played on will be left alone. That means that you will have to replay the islands you may have completed on the original again on the imported character.

That said, it is simple enough: just click New Player, and then enter the age, gender, etc – until you reach the character look screen. A button is added – along with ‘Change All’ and ‘Change Colors’ – ‘Import Look’. Clicking this will open a screen that allows you to enter your User/Pass from the online version. Clicking accept, your tanned friend will appear. 😉


By the way, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve been referenced on the Creators’ Blog – and I gotta say, it’s pretty funny. 😀 –

The costume you’ve painstakingly put together on the web? Your expertly coiffed hairstyle? Your perfect tan? Now you can take it all to go, in the Poptropica app!

There are a couple other added features as I before mentioned: Timmy Failure Island is now available to download, and a new “Fall Fashion” costume bundle has been added to the mobile store.


As per usual, the pack is $0.99 – which I am sorta abhorred by – but the costumes are pretty cool. Of course, these had already been released (sort of) on the online version of Hub Island and in the online store. Oh, wait. We haven’t covered the item 😛 —

A new item has been added to the online store for both genders, answering the request by Slippery Raptor for us getting our hands on that lucky flannel from the replacement of the original Shop keeper (he’s still on the mobile version, just inside the shop). These are both 75 credits, but for some reason are in the gold cards section instead of costumes..? Either way, really neat costumes. And yes, the costume is the same for both genders – which is a little lazy. 😛


Remember, this update is only for the Kindle Fire at the moment. We’ll update you once its released for Android and iOS devices.




13 thoughts on “Import your desktop Poptropican to the app & more!”

  1. Uuuhhh… you know that we can just do the customize anything glitch to get the clothes? (It just doesn’t show up in normal islands)
    Nice meme, UiPE! I’m holding a contest for Halloween memes, so check my Gravatar. Can’t stop laughing!!

      1. The only thing is that the costume parts don’t show up on normal islands, so if you do it to pony tail NPC, you’ll show up bald and with a weird white tank top. At least you can look cool in SUI’s… (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)

  2. Is there anyway to import your look from the app to the game in PC?? I really like how my Poptropican looks like in the app, but my PC character isn’t as cool…..

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