Don’t H8 M8, R8 8/8 for Poptropica’s 8th birthd8

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultim8 iPad Expert here with some news on Poptropica’s 8th birthday! The Creators took to their blog to explain a little about what’s happening for this year’s celebration. For those who don’t know, Poptropica’s birthday is in September – the whole month counts, because no one seems to know the specific date. 😛

Anyway, it seems we’ll be getting more giveaways, which could mean some really epic prizes. They also mentioned games, which I’m not sure about really. Does this mean some sort of birthday mini-game or something? Who knows? Looks like the fun starts next week on September 15th:

I’m excited to see what Poptropica does for this year’s birthday suit, if there’s to be one, and so are fellow PHB authors Slip and HP. Check out this fan idea from Slip, plus HP’s remade version:

So that’s all for the 8th birthday so far, but I wanted to give a little update from the Poptropica (Help) Wiki. If you’ve visited there recently, you may have noticed our new logo:


That’s not all – we’ve also been working on a spiffy redesign for the entire website! Just a reminder that we recently relocated from Wikia to host the wiki on Gamepedia – head over there to check out the new layout and help with editing pages!


The design is still under development, but figured I’d show it off to you guys since I think it’s pretty awesome. Big thanks to anddrewwiles (aka HPuterpop) and Ylimegirl for helping to make the new design a reality.

So, are you excited about Poptropica’s 8th birthday? What do you think of the new Poptropica Wiki design? Comment below.

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25 thoughts on “Don’t H8 M8, R8 8/8 for Poptropica’s 8th birthd8”

    1. It’s in September (this month!). There’s never been any specific date for it (presumably because even the Creators don’t seem to know), so the whole month counts. 🙂


  2. umm… yayyy poptropica is cool!!!! *hides and thinks* ^when is she coming back? hermione said she’d be back by now, and im giving up hope… i will show them who is suffering…^ *comes back out with a party hat and a grinned expresion*

      1. brian: * quoting and telling the truth through ear piece * brendan tell adsuke, I swear to God I’m going to rip his hair out the minute I see him.
        brendan: adsuke, brian swears to God she’s going to rip your hair out and tell Orichimaru scratch your eyeballs out the minute she see you.
        brian: Also…tell adsuke I’m still of looking around for her…I’m in the Sahara desert right now like she was …she left me here a week ago.. probably going to die of dehydration. Tell her…tell her I’m sorry I couldn’t find her in time…and I hope she finds itachi.
        brendan: brian le–wait a minute – WHAT?!
        brian: You heard me, brendan. My horse died…just like how I’m going to end up. But hey – all for the greater good, right?
        Rasuke: PIKAAAAA! x thinking x All this fuss over that…that…ugh! Words can’t even DESCRIBE her! Brian is a baka if he thinks CS is a good person!

  3. Aw yes, that is me, I am ylimegirl, I kind of know CSS, I am proud of my work, I am now on the phb, hello friends, dang i need a profile picture

  4. Well, that’s ri8 (?) m8s! It’s gonna be gr8! Don’t delay or be l8!

    Sorry couldn’t resist 😛

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