Timmy Failure Island

Total-ly New Timmy Failure Prize & Hub Island?

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here with this week’s Timmy Failure promo prize. Simply go onto Timmy Failure Island, walk to the left and talk with Timmy and he’ll give you a Total Costume! (Total is the name of Timmy’s polar bear sidekick in the series 😉 ) Check it out:

Glad Poptropica is releasing a costume themed for the island instead of the credits! Pretty cool costume, as well. Plus, like how they’re slowly coloring in the island (it was pretty black-and-white last week!).

And of course, be sure to tune in next Thursday for the next Timmy Failure Island prize!

Now for some really interesting news. If you go onto Poptropica Friends and look in your Medallion list, you will see this below:


Props to Slanted Fish for noticing this first. 😉 I’m very curious as to what this mysterious island is. Slip suggested to me that it could be something like the Tutorial Island on the Poptropica App, which could be the case considering the name. The medallion is oddly placed between Survival Island (Episode 1) and Mythology Island in the list and I’m not completely sure why.

Being as curious as I am I tweeted out to the Creators. Haven’t had any reply yet, but I’ll be sure to update the post if they do.

UPDATE: Hub (Tutorial) Island has been released! Read all about it in my other post.

So, do you like this new Total costume? What do you think “Hub Island” is? Comment below.

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16 thoughts on “Total-ly New Timmy Failure Prize & Hub Island?”

  1. sweet total costume! I will ask Hputerpop what the hub island might be he might know… I’m curious too.

      1. Contacted the Creators. But just to try, I restarted the island, talked to Timmy and I did get the costume.

  2. A cool thing I’ve noticed about the Timmy Failure Island is that today, the island is colored in a bit more, whereas last week it was completely black-and-white.
    Also, the new Hub Island has the new You, which basically emulates the Colorizer for free…but I just bought the Colorizer a week ago with the Daily Pop-In credits. *facepalm*

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