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BTS Overview & Theory: Timmy Failure Island

BTS - Timmy Failure

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our BTS Overview & Theory series! This time, we’ll be covering Timmy Failure Island, written by the PHB team and organized by myself, SD. Be sure to check out our previous BTS posts, our most recent being for Arabian Nights Episode 3.

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW (but that’s what you want, isn’t it?)

Overview of evidence

As always, we will start out with the basics and lead up to the scenes, dialog, etc. Be sure to visit the Timmy Failure Island Tour for more info!

When danger lurks, and criminals hide around every corner, you need the best detective money can buy. That detective is not Timmy Failure — but don’t try to tell him that. You’re about to come face to face with the craziest cast of characters ever to appear on a Poptropica Island. Trying to solve this mystery is only the beginning!

Remember that there is also a printable poster for the island!

Daily Pop Sneak Peeks

Judging from the art style and subjects of the following sneak peeks, we know that they are for Timmy Failure. 🙂


Below is a compilation of all the major events that will take place during the Timmy Failure quest.

bts timmy failure events


These are all the items that will be used during the quest:


Now we can get into the detailed stuff! Below are the image layers for each location on the island.

Main Street:

Timmy’s Street:

Timmy’s House:







Be sure to read the captions to find out what scene each set of dialog is from!

Final Theory

Before diving into our theory on how the quest will play out, we first need to know our characters… Timmy Failure is a young child that believes that he is a world class detective. He has a pet “business partner” polar bear named Total that somehow followed the scent of Timmy’s cat food back to his apartment. His parents are divorced, and he lives with his mom, who dates a “Bowling Turkey”. His best friend, who he claims to be an idiot, is named Rollo Tookus and is actually an over achieving student. Molly Moskins is a girl in Timmy’s class who has a crush on him and smells of tangerines. She also owns a cat named Senior Burrito. Finally, Corrina Corrina is Timmy’s arch nemesis (at least in his opinion).

Looking at the dialog, Senior Burrito (the cat) has stolen Timmy’s pants and is hiding in a vending machine. To get them out, you’ll need some loose change to activate the machine. The Bowling Turkey challenges you to a match of bowling, and when you win, he’ll give you the keys to his car. From there, we couldn’t really follow much more of the plot using the dialogue, but it looks to be quite a lengthy island.

Remember, Timmy Failure Island is going to be out for members on September 17th, so until then, share your theories in the comments below! 😀

~The PHB Team

6 thoughts on “BTS Overview & Theory: Timmy Failure Island”

  1. Wait… how long have i been gone?
    why are all the islands members only?
    why is there a timmy failure island?
    why is a new ariban nights island?
    plz tell me!


    2. Welcome back! 🙂

      Not all the islands are members only! Most are still free. Seven islands were recently made members only, probably to make membership more appealing.

      The Poptropica Creators like the Timmy Failure series and partnered with its creator to make an island for it. It debuts to members on September 17th!

      Arabian Nights Island concluded with its third episode some time ago. Check out our Arabian Nights Island Guide if you need a walkthrough!

  2. I love the Timmy Failure books!!! I bought the first one the other day because I wanted to know what the heck I was gonna be playing. Can’t wait for the island!! It seems like it won’t be super simple like Big Nate was, which is good! It seems to have an actual story unlike Wimpy Boardwalk

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