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PHB Special: Fiona’s Violin Song

Hey Poptropicans, and welcome to another PHB special.

If you’ve played Ghost Story Island – which recently won the title of Best Storyline in an Island in our Poppies Awards Show – you may recall the hauntingly beautiful tune that was Fiona’s violin song.

The music was so moving it even inspired an hour-long challenge of that song in a YouTube video by user Kaydorable1, with thousands of views. (Update: That video has disappeared. Instead try this video below from The Bruhtasticks!)

And this was before islands were released with ambient music!

Over on a sheet music website called MuseScore, a user called iwasborninjuly has uploaded sheet music for the popular Poptropica melody, which you can view and listen to at this link.

fiona's songGive this song a try on your musical instrument! Or, if you don’t play one, you can still play this song perfectly on Poptropica by moving the bowstrings of your violin on Ghost Story Island. If you don’t already have it, check out our Ghost Story Island Guide, our written walkthrough with pictures.


To Fiona, the woman in the window.


14 thoughts on “PHB Special: Fiona’s Violin Song”

    1. They seem to have been removed from inventories, at least for now. 😦 However, it’s likely they’ll be returning as one of the prizes in the Timmy Failure giveaway.

  1. sup slanted fish, and call me jinx the rebel troublemaker if you like… and so if you saw my poptropican avatar its a halloween costume
    and cya
    – bronze ice A.K.A angrybirds3004 from poptropica

  2. If you don’t play a Concert pitched instrument, you may have to transpose this song. For example, the instrument I play is a Bb pitched instrument so I have to transpose this or otherwise I would be playing the song in the wrong key. cx Just a tip for those of you who didn’t know.

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