Escape from Pelican Rock Island, Sneak Peeks, Timmy Failure Island

Prisons, prizes, Timmy Failure videos and more surprises!

Hey guys! Slip here.

The Daily-Pop In may give its last prize to all tomorrow, but wait, more sur-prizes are coming to Poptropica! (See what I did there?)

Poptropica has just announced via Twitter and the Timmy Failure Island tour page that every Thursday starting August 6th, if you visit Main Street of Timmy Failure Island (until it releases to members on September 17), you can pick up a new prize each week!


The Creators didn’t tell us any more about the new prizes, but I guess we’ll have to wait for it! I believe it’ll be like the giveaway the Creators did for Virus Hunter Island in 2013.

UPDATE: Thanks to some special hax, HPuterpop managed to get the first prize before it was released! It’s a Señor Burrito Follower, and it’ll be free for everyone, coming later today. Yes, your own pet cat!

UPDATE UPDATE: This was not this week’s intended prize – but you CAN redeem this follower with the promo code BURRITO! (UPDATE AGAIN: It’s been removed from the inventory.)


Speaking of Timmy Failure Island, Early Access for members to play the newest island begins on Thursday, September 17! They’ll have a head start on the case!

The Creators also released the trailer for Timmy Failure Island, plus a special video message from Stephan Pastis (the author of the Timmy Failure series!):

In other news, check out these recent Daily Pop sneak peeks involving Pelican Rock Prison, some license plates, city scenes, and some pipes:

Plus, congrats to the PHB for reaching 19 million hits on this site today, and thanks for coming to us for Poptropica news, cheats, and more!

That’s all of the updates for now! Leave a comment telling us what you think!


28 thoughts on “Prisons, prizes, Timmy Failure videos and more surprises!”

  1. Ah, that hype! And if you enter the promo code ‘TIMMY’ you get 50 credits! 😀

    1. I can’t seem to keep it in my bag though. When I leave the island, it doesn’t save in my bag. It’s still there on the island when I go back on the island though.

  2. If you type in the word “burrito” in the promo code box, then you will get the Senor Burrito card!

    1. The prizes and Timmy Failure aren’t on mobile, but Timmy Failure Island will probably be playable on mobile when it’s ready. 🙂 The online version of Poptropica is where most things happen, so when we talk about updates on this site, you can probably assume we’re talking about the online version unless otherwise stated. 😉

  3. My cat disappeared from my inventory. When I go to enter the code again, it says I already entered the code.

  4. i tough burrito was a promo code but i entered the code and nothing appeared, i tried again and it says i already entered the code..

    1. Same…. Its not in my inventory too it says i already redeemed it…. I love it too its my favorite follower (excecpt the cat on the 24 carrot island)

  5. Hey, I can’t find my Burrito Cat thingy in my inventory, even though I DID enter the code 😦

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