Hold the Fort-ress (and behind the name: UiPE)

Heyyo peoples, I’m Ultimate iPad Expert and it’s time for some Poptropica news! The Poptropica Creators’ YouTube channel release a new video recently showing off another Poptropica Realms creation. In the video, a Poptropican is showing their process of getting into a Snow Fortress.

I like seeing the mechanics of Realms, including the Pixies and the creature going for the spaghetti. Hopefully all the bugs will get fixed up eventually. Be sure to check out our Realms Guide for more info about Realms! 🙂

Now for the first ever: Totally unrelated section! 😛

I remember reading the Behind the Name posts (of HPuterpop and Samwow5) and so I was like, “I have a weird username that probably could use some explaining.” And now here we are. Anyways, the story begins on a site called Wikia, you may have heard of it considering it’s where the Poptropica Wiki was. I had an account there, which I called “DaranNorrisFan6.” This was basically a rip-off of the username of my brother (who is also on Wikia), which is DeeBradleyBakerFan. (Dee Bradley Baker is a voice actor, as well as Daran Norris).

Anyways, I decided it was time for a name change. At that point, I was in a big Apple fanboy mood and so I felt like doing something iPad related. I was originally planning to do simply “iPad Expert,” but the problem was that Wikia didn’t allow the first letter of a username to be lowercase. So subsequently, I decided to throw in another word at the front, which I eventually decided would be “Ultimate,” “Ultimate iPad Expert” soon became my Wikia name and spread to other sites like Twitter, WordPress, etc. And that is the story of my username!

I hope you all enjoyed my rambling! And stay tuned for more Poptropica news here on the Poptropica Help Blog.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •

PS: I do not have an iPad, neither am I truly an expert at them. 😛


21 thoughts on “Hold the Fort-ress (and behind the name: UiPE)

      • adsuke says:

        WHAT?! IT’S OUT FOR NON-MEMBERS AND I DIDN’T KNOW THAT?! x face palm x I feel like Naruto…
        Naruto: HEEYYYYYYY! By the way; where is Sakura?
        Sakura: x droling over Sasuke x
        Sasuke: x face palm x Hn.
        Naruto: Oh, never mind! x runs over to Sakura and drools over her x
        Sasuke: Not you too…
        Rasuke: That’s gross. x runs away x ENJOY, SASUKE BRO!!! x evil laugh x
        Sasuke: TAKE ME WITH YOU! x runs after Rasuke x

  1. Nariko says:

    Hey… My name is Nariko and my sister is (sadly) leaving the PHB. I truly love poptropica (hate the sun) and also a vampire. my sister is REALLY ANNOYING. ever notice that? no? -_- well… im new here so plz be nice! :3

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