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Quizful Thinking – New Pop Quizzes!

Hi Gs,

I logged in today to find a “problem loading quiz 13366”. Same error occurred when I logged into some of my other accounts. (Thanks to Spotted Dragon for the picture.)


If you’ve checked the Daily Pop today, you’ll understand why this is…


As it seems, new pop quizzes are to come – and they look pretty sweet considering the call-backs to some awesome islands as you can see above.

Anyway, this post is just a quickie, so tell me in the comments what you think about pop quizzes in general. If you are a fan, be sure to check out the PHB’s Pop Quizzes page, listing practically all of the possible questions and answers that currently exist!



8 thoughts on “Quizful Thinking – New Pop Quizzes!”

      1. No,people only get hacked by giving away their user and password yeah and i have the same problem.

  1. I can tell one of the questions: “Do you like carnivals?”
    I do. I just don’t like ones run by ringmasters who gave up on their morality due to the cruel world around them

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