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PHB 15M Special: Poptropica Music Video for Soundless Islands!

Hey Poptropicans – as a special treat for visiting this blog and helping us reach the milestone of 15 million hits, I created a little something for everyone: a Poptropica non-SUI music video, matching songs from pop culture to islands in Poptropica that don’t have their own soundtracks (yet)! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. 😀

Each music segment lasts 15 seconds, for our 15M hits. Now, you might pair these islands with different songs (feel free to share in the comments!), but if you like these tunes or just want to know why I picked them, read on – you can also click on the song titles below to hear them on YouTube.

Early Poptropica Island: Lollipop by MIKA

Dark pits aside, Poptropica’s first island is a fun, bouncy adventure that gets the player a feel for the game – so why not a catchy tune? Plus, ‘lollipop’ has ‘pop’ in it, just like the island’s name.

Shark Tooth Island: Jaws Theme by John Williams

The great Booga shark is terrorizing the locals, and what better accompaniment than the soundtrack to a shark movie? It’s got suspense, but not without a little jaunty sub-tune thrown in.

Super Power Island: Discord by Eurobeat Brony

Despite being a fan-made My Little Pony mix, this is a fun song about villainy, which is rampant on Super Power – and it’s got deliciously evil laughter mixed in with cries of discord and anarchy.

Spy Island: Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

This classic gives the feel of the sly walk of a spy – perfect for the action and adventure of Spy Island, where you can feel like a boss for sneaking past guard dogs and avoiding lasers.

Nabooti Island: Circle of Life from The Lion King

Opening with cries in the Zulu language, this seems fitting for an island that takes place in Africa where we encounter jungles, animals, and other exciting life. (Even the Nabooti totem comes alive!)

Big Nate Island: Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph

In Big Nate’s world, we jump around in a cartoon realm chasing after comic strips, pulling pranks, and digging up a time capsule – and this goofy, recognizable melody embraces all sorts of shenanigans.

Astro-Knights Island: The Imperial March (Vader’s Theme) by John Williams

Ah, Star Wars. A galactic empire, a cyborg villain, a trapped princess – also elements of Astro-Knights! Darth Vader’s epic tune is a natural fit for our clashes with the robotic creatures of outer space.

Counterfeit Island: All the Rowboats by Regina Spektor

A beautiful ballad that sings of paintings forever trapped in their gold frames, this slightly-creepy sound clicks with the canvas caper. There’s even a verse about public mausoleums, like the tunnels we visit.

Reality TV Island: Best Day of My Life by American Authors

You’re competing in a reality TV show with a host of colorful characters – why wouldn’t this be the best day of your life? It’s all fun and games – until you get voted off, that is.

Skullduggery Island: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything – cover by Relient K

Originally a silly song from VeggieTales, this pirate anthem might resonate with all the scallywags who feel like collecting enough doubloons for that Phoenix Warbird is just too much work. (It really is!)

Steamworks Island: Lone Star by Jim Guthrie

Traipsing through an abandoned steampunk world gets a little lonely, especially with only mechanical parts for company. This track from the indie game Sword & Sworcery kind of embodies that feeling.

Great Pumpkin Island: Linus and Lucy by Vince Guaraldi Trio

This upbeat piano composition made for Peanuts animated TV specials, including one that inspired this island, captures the childhood misadventures that follow Charlie Brown and his gang.

Cryptids Island: Scotland the Brave – cover by the Pipes & Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment

Bold and patriotic, this unofficial Scot anthem inspires brave souls to take on the world – in this case, the hunt for legendary beasts, including the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland.

Wild West Island: Wild and Free by Rednex

Yeehaw! An adventure with bucking broncos and moustachioed men awaits on the desert plains of Wild West Island, and it wouldn’t be complete without cowboys whistling in the name of freedom.

Wimpy Wonderland Island: Winter Wonderland – cover by August Burns Red

It’s a winter wonderland in the black-and-white world of Wimpy Wonderland, but with all the teen troubles hounding Greg Heffley, this calls for a rockier version of the classic Christmas carol.

Red Dragon Island: Tokyo by Owl City

This Magic Tree House tale takes place in Edo of ancient Japan, which in our modern day is Tokyo – and all the synthpop sounds seem to bring home the fact that we’re far from home.

Mystery Train Island: In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg

This recognizable tune that starts out slow, then quickens its pace is perhaps the perfect accompaniment for a mystery case – or for pressuring people to work faster. Either way, it works.

Game Show Island: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – cover by They Might Be Giants

It’s a swinging song about a changing world, a little like the robot revolution that has taken over this island – plus, we even visit Istanbul (not Constantinople) for one of the game shows!

Ghost Story Island: Always With Me (Itsumo Nando Demo) from Spirited Away

Bittersweet but comforting, this melody from the Japanese animated film Spirited Away could represent the complicated union between Fiona and Valiant, even in life after death.

S.O.S Island: Let It Go (from Frozen) – cover by Pentatonix

Surely everyone has tired of hearing the original by now, so we’ll go Pentatonix’s impeccable cover. On S.O.S., we dive into frigid waters in a ship, so it’s safe to say “the cold never bothered me anyway”.

Vampire’s Curse Island: Finger Back by Vampire Weekend

Come on, the band has ‘vampire’ in its name. In any case, this fast-paced number intones tribulations that could be compared to roughing it up in the spooky spaces of Bram’s castle.

Twisted Thicket Island: The Fox by Ylvis

What does the fox say? This twisted thicket is just teeming with mystical wildlife, so it seems the strange proposed animal sounds in this viral song would not be amiss here.

Wimpy Boardwalk Island: A Little Vacation by Tiny Little Planets (from Dog Days)

From the soundtrack of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie Dog Days, which inspired this island, A Little Vacation brings us to the summer boardwalk with games, beaches, and of course, Greg’s problems.

Lunar Colony Island: The Adventure by Angels & Airwaves

Life’s waiting to begin in an alien realm, and tracking that down was an astronomical adventure in itself. Space-rock sounds and out-of-this-world lyrics suit this cosmic experience well.

Super Villain Island: Monster by Skillet

Here we infiltrate the dreams of four of Poptropica’s worst villains to see what evil powers make them tick – the monsters inside that have ruled their ugly rage.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Island: Oompa Loompa – cover by Primus & the Fungi Ensemble

Oompa Loompas always have a wise word to put in, don’t they? Listen to them and you may just avoid the pitfalls of all that could possibly go wrong when you’re in a room made of candy.

Zomberry Island: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

This is it, the zombie apocalypse is upon us – and as always, it’s up to us to save the day (well, night). Going through dark tunnels and seeing the city in ruins may leave our systems feeling ready to blow.

Night Watch Island: Let’s Go to the Mall by Robin Sparkles (from How I Met Your Mother)

Let’s go to the mall… today! Working the night shift comes with its own benefits: we get to play around in the mall when no one else is looking, and best of all, we get our own Segway. Time to jam.

Back Lot Island: Larger Than Life by Backstreet Boys

Lights, camera, action! Movie characters are always larger than life because they’re fixed up for the big silver screen – but the truth is, there’s a lot more that goes into production than meets the eye.

Anyway, that is all 29 classic islands without their own soundtrack, that now have music from pop(tropica) culture to back them up! What song choices would you give these islands? What about the SUIs (sound-updated islands)? Leave a comment and let us know!

Thank you for 15 million hits on the Poptropica Help Blog! ❤

38 thoughts on “PHB 15M Special: Poptropica Music Video for Soundless Islands!”

  1. Skillet and Poptropica COLLIDE (super pun for Panheads)… Best day of my life. And August Burns Red and Relient K? Alright that’s it, my rock music friends are gonna start playing Poptropica!

    ~~ I am Batgirl.

  2. Skillet. Freaking Skillet. I never realized that about “Monster”, the title just threw me off. Excuse me while I fan-scream. It really fits, especially the first third. However, I like pairing SVI’s later parts especially with “Imaginary” by Evanescence. It’s a song about escaping the troubles of the real world and going into your own fantasy-in other words, a dream, and wanting to stay there. The instrumentals sound epically final battle-y and if you look at the lyrics, there’s such verses that are kinda subtle, referring to “candy clouds” and at one point closer the song’s end, “goddess”. There’s even a deleted line from version of the song in the demo album that really fits well with it.

    …okay, now Im just gushing and I need to shut up.

  3. I saw this yesterday! 😀 It’s so awesome! I don’t think the Nabooti one fit that great, but I love the song so I shouldn’t even be complaining. You did a great job on the graphics as well! c:

  4. Loved it! The songs matched the islands perfectly! I especially think “Monster,” “Tokyo,” “Scotland the Brave,” and “Let’s Go To The Mall” were matched up well. Loved everything! 😀

  5. Awesome, they’re all perfect for their islands!! “Monster” by Skillet was one of my favorite songs before I even read this post, and I did not expect that to be up there. But I’m so glad it did, since there aren’t as many people who like Rock music as Pop. ^-^ I think this was an awesome commemoration for the 15 million hits! ❤

  6. The music you have chosen rocks! And happy new year!

  7. OMG, the watch night one was perf! I loved the whole video! And i was wondering ho do you record your screen? (what program)

  8. I loved Larger than Life than Backstreet Boys, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Monster by Skillet, and Tokyo by Owl City. Nice work, Fishy! 😉

  9. I love the music choices! I am surprised you used EurobeatBrony’s original “Discord” song instead or TheLivingTombstone’s cover/remix, but it’s still awesome! Good job!:)

  10. For some reason I laughed throughout the whole video…

    All the songs were PERFECT! Especially The Best Day Of My Life, Monster, Let It Go, Circle Of Life, and In The Hall Of The Mountain King!!!!

  11. In my opinion, for S.O.S island, y’all should have put “Message in a Bottle” by The Police (they are a band, not the actual police). The song fits perfectly but I also like the Pentatonix cover of “Let it Go”, the Pentatonix cover also fits perfectly.

      1. I know right? I am so excited for Poptropica Worlds! Thank you for Slanted Fish for replying to my comment!

  12. Wow! I really enjoyed this! My mom hates the song Lets Go To The Mall😜Catchy tunes! (I think the song for Legendary Swords should be something from Star Wars like the soundtrack from a light saber duel!LGTTM and Lollipop are both on Just Dance 3! That’s how I knew them.-RT🍅

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