Poptropica’s Tumblr, robot ad follower, and comic writer interview!

Hey everyone! First off, before the post, I’m sorry I haven’t been active really at all – life has been a bit rough, so bear with me in this tough time! Anyway, Poptropica recently tweeted that they now have an Official Tumblr page!

From looking at their Tumblr, I see some really cool stuff! I see the creators re-blog a lot of stuff on Tumblr, like how they also retweet a lot of stuff over on Twitter. I just hope the creators don’t re-blog any inappropriate language that people post on Tumblr, as they did on Twitter.

Big Hero 6 ad: Baymax Follower

To get the Baymax Follower (from the movie Big Hero 6, which was released into theaters today), just watch the video ad on any Main Street, and boom – you get the cool prize!


LOL! Is it just me or does the Baymax Follower kind of look like the Michelin Man or the Stay Puft Marshmallow ManxD Tell me what you think in the comments.

Interview with Poptropica comic writer Paul Gilligan

Remember Slippery Raptor’s post about an interview with Poptropica’s comic artist, Kory Meritt, conducted by L’Idea Magazine? (He confirmed the release of the upcoming Poptropica graphic novel!)

Well, the magazine did another interview with another Poptropica employee – Paul Gilligan, the writer of the Poptropica comics. Although he didn’t give away any important details like Kory did, Paul said some pretty interesting stuff – check out this little tidbit:

L’IDEA MAGAZINE: In June of this year you debuted with another comic strip, Poptropica. Could you tell us how it came about and what is the storyline?

PAUL GILLIGAN: Poptropica is a popular website where players can create avatars and travel through a plethora of interesting islands.  The website’s creator, Jeff Kinney (of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” fame) wanted a comic strip to go with it, and so he hired me to do the writing.  There were pre-existing templates for the two main characters of Oliver and Jorge.  I fleshed them out and gave them the motivation that they’re searching for a way out of Poptropica by traveling from island to island, kinda like that show “Quantum Leap”, like each time they hop to the next island it will be the one that leads them home.

A Poptropica strip

L’IDEA MAGAZINE: In Poptropica you share the credits with Kory Merritt. How do you operate in the creation of the strip with him? 

PAUL GILLIGAN: I do the writing, accompanied by thumbnails if necessary, and Kory pencils out the strips and runs them by me.  I bring up any alterations that might be necessary for clarity, etc, and then he inks and colors the work.  It’s been a fairly seamless collaboration thus far; Kory’s a great artist and super easy to work with.

Wow! I never thought of jumping island-to-island as something like Quantum Leap! Anyway, that’s it for this long post. Have a great day!


32 thoughts on “Poptropica’s Tumblr, robot ad follower, and comic writer interview!”

  1. Bernard or whatever his name is is pretty annoying.

    “No! I lost Hoops! Again!”



    “Hi,I’m Baymax!”

    “Sic ‘im,Narfy.”


    And then it’s all over for poor Robot Robert over there…

  2. Poptropica poll who is your favorite author A for BT B for blake c for HP D for spotted dragon E for samwow5 F for fishy or g for slippery raptor this poll closes at 7:00 pm nov 8 2014 authors may not vote

    1. how is that possible when you posted the comment at 9:51 pm? or does it change the time ones automatically? Or- what?

  3. SPOILER ALERT: Big Hero 6 was really awesome! I watched it last Thursday. Baymax’s innocence is hilarious! Nice post, Sam!

    1. LOL! “diagnoses:(pause) puberty”
      fade to black
      I did not imagine his voice to be like that at all! actually, i dont think i imagined him to have a voice… luv it!

  4. I’m a poptropica player running my own blog/website, but when I look at others, people have moving pictures, awesomes headers and all kinds of thing that I don’t know how to get… Anyone feel like telling me how to get some stuff for a better blog? Maybe check it out (It’s attached to my name) and see if im doing things right? I don’t think my blog’s very good compared to every other blog I see…

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