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PHG on Steam, Zomberry SUI, over-tweeting, & kite video

Hi Gs,

What isn’t happening in the world of Poptropica? Prepare to have your mind blown with all the new things happening in the Poptropica universe!  😀

Poptropica Help Group on Steam

If you’re looking for a way to connect and play games with other Poptropica lovers, then look no further – we’ve recently started a group on Steam entitled the Poptropica Help Steam Group, in which we’ll post announcements, hold contests, and host events for playing some fun games! If you have a Steam account, then pop on over to the PHG by clicking here.

Do note that you will need a Steam account to join our Poptropica Steam community – it’s an incredible service, so if you don’t have one already, it won’t hurt to get one. 🙂


And by the way, Poptropica – step up your game (quite literally) and get Poptropica on Steam! That would be awesome! 😛

Zomberry SUI & Creator discovered

The next island to be an SUI, after Shrink Ray, might just be Zomberry Island – the reason being that Tania Lynne, a programmer for Poptropica I recently discovered online, posted a screenshot of Zomberry in SUI (sound-updated island) format on her portfolio site.


Tania Lynne apparently has been working for Poptropica since 2010 to present, which is pretty impressive – she’s worked on tons of islands including Cryptids, Mystery Train, and Monster Carnival. Do you think she has an alias? Could she be the Black Widow, for example? Tell me what you think in the comments. 😀



Twitter has been becoming one of the main outlets for the Poptropica Creators to release behind the scenes shtuff – back in the early PCB days, similar activities were pretty common. We’ve gotten some pretty epic unused art from islands, release schedules, and Land creations from their Twitter – but there seems to be one thing wrong: they retweet almost everything tweeted at them.

Why is that a bad thing? For one thing, Poptropica is a kids’ game and some of the things being retweeted are not so kid-friendly… posts with hashtags including some innap words have been seen on the profile, including hashtags such as “#fthepolice” or “bad***”, or the phrase “h*ll yeah”. Another tweet also linked to a different site where a post made by a player used some questionable language.

To be fair, their Twitter is aimed at those 13 or older, but whether this type of language should be tossed around to the (even older) Poptropica audience is debatable.

Educational Videos

A video was released over a year ago by the Phaebus Media Group entitled “Poptropica by PhaebusMediaGroup“. It was 30 seconds long and consisted of two Poptropicans on a beach.

One Poptropican has a kite, which he shows to his friend – and there’s a parrot named Pippin, for some reason. That’s the plot of the video, and while it’s pretty kiddish, you can’t deny that the animation quality isn’t half bad. Someone didn’t just make this for fun – as you’ll see if you check the video description:

Poptropica is an online animation resource for children. Phaebus Media Group created this animation as part of a pitch process.

While I’m not so sure about the online animation resource part, I do want to mention the “as part of a pitch” part. The video ends quite abruptly, just as the boy points out that there are two big triangles and two little triangles on his kite.

Obviously, it’s intended to be an educational video, which suggests that Poptropica was working on an educational video series at some point last year. Whether it happens anytime in the future or not is a mystery, but now we do have some foresight for a possible future project.

Go friend me on Steam if you’d like! I’ll friend back. 🙂



10 thoughts on “PHG on Steam, Zomberry SUI, over-tweeting, & kite video”

    1. That’s a fair point, but even age is relative – some younger than 13 may have no problem with that kind of language, while others who are older may still not like it so much. 😛

  1. I sent a little tweet to the Poptropica Twitter page, making them a little bit aware…

  2. I will register for steam! I’ll happily accept the iinvite if you give me one iif that’s not how it works then NVM

  3. that is so bad why in the world would the creators of poptropica do that and who would post those curse words on twitter erase the link that leads to the bad words that makes me want to quit poptropica

  4. I’m pretty sure that audio is from the kids’ cartoon “Peppa Pig”. No idea why it would be in a Poptropica video, though. Maybe just lip-sync practice?

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