PoptropiCon Ep. 2 for members (& spoiler alert – it’s awesome!), & Arabian Ep. 1 for all!

click for PHB walkthroughs: PoptropiCon // Arabian Nights

Hi Gs! PoptropiCon Episode 2 (Spoiler Alert) was just released this afternoon for members, along with Arabian Nights Episode 1 (How Bazaar) releasing for non-members. It’s a grand adventure for both, so go to Poptropica now to play!

Whether you’re a member battling cards or a non-member throwing smoke bombs, we recommend our PoptropiCon walkthrough (click here!), or our Arabian Nights walkthrough (click here!)! Either way, you’re in for a treat. 😀 If video guides are your cup of tea, check out both islands’ PHB trivia pages.


And yes, there are some spoilers in PoptropiCon Episode 2, possibly Legendary – you’ll just have to find out for yourself! :mrgreen: Anyway, when you’ve finished either episode, be sure to check your rank on the World Champions Map: click here for PoptropiCon, episode 2 or here for Arabian Nights, episode 1.




20 thoughts on “PoptropiCon Ep. 2 for members (& spoiler alert – it’s awesome!), & Arabian Ep. 1 for all!

  1. ♫★Scary Plug★♫ 卌 says:

    PoptropiCon was awesome! The last part was just… o.O I don’t know… xD My rank for the island is #51. Biggest accomplishment so far.

  2. Mαgı¢ Fıяe ♪ says:

    It was pretty fun, although the plot twist at the end was pretty weird. o.O My rank was #79. Pretty good, considering the fact that I did it 4 hours after it came out. xD

  3. Samwow5 says:

    This island was fun, but I was just about to finish (on costume contest part) and be one of the first 50 to finish and it glitched so I had to start the island over…..which I could do until the next day. In my opinion, if the creators got rid of all the glitches (the classic islands rarely had glitches), it will be a much more enjoyable experience. Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

  4. Brɑʋɛ Dօʟpɦin says:

    I have an idea as to who the omegon that crashes the costume contest is. I think it is E. Vile.One reason, is since in the Daily Pop, there is a sneak peek, (Which is from the Poptropicon room where you act as an Elf Archer costume mannequin) where it says, “Props to You: May your legend never fade.” ( http://prntscr.com/4zperc ).

  5. Magic Snowball says:

    This is a rhyme that I made about this island:
    “Arabian nights, the island with thieves,
    Stealing everything in sight,
    The only jewel left, used for trades,
    So maybe you can find your way,
    This poem is werid, I know it’s wrong,
    But maybe if you put it in a song,
    It may sound better. ~ Magic Snowball.

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