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BTS Overview & Theory: PoptropiCon, Ep. 1

BTS - Poptropicon 1

Hey guys! HPuterpop, Samwow5, and I have decided to start a new series together, called Behind the Scenes Overview & Theory. We thought that it would be best to take all the knowledge that we can gather from behind-the-scenes (BTS) Poptropica files/coding and compile them together in one simple-to-find place. Plus, with three minds thinking at once, a more spot-on theory is sure to come out. 🙂

WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW (but that’s what you want, isn’t it?)

Overview of evidence

To kick off the series, let’s start with an island soon to be: PoptropiCon (Ep. 1: Line Forms Here). We have circled/boxed certain things in red in each picture that we think are important/just want to mention. Click to enlarge all the images.

Poptropicon alley bts images 1 - edit Poptropicon alley bts images 2  - edit

If you’ve been keeping up with PopCon sneak peeks, you’ve probably seen the background above before. The window that has been circled are noticeable in both pictures. It looks as if we, or someone else, breaks in or out of the building.  The “Thor” advertisement is circled because dialog related to it is shown further into the post.

Poptropicon alley bts text 4 - edit

This was also found, possibly representing a fight of sorts. The “glass breaking noise” might be from the window in the pictures above.

Now for some dialogue.

Poptropicon bathrooms bts text 1 - edit

Poptropicon bathrooms bts text 2 - edit

As you can see, this is why the “Thor” advertisement was circled before (Bucky Lucas plays him in a movie). Other things that we found connections to were a Fremulon mask and the time of a cosplay contest (more on that below). Now, all of this dialog is from Poptropicans waiting in line for the bathroom. Why do we want to get into the bathroom ASAP? The boxed text in this next picture may explain why.

Poptropicon center bts images 1 - edit

In this image, you can see that the cosplay contest begins at noon.

Poptropicon parking bts text 1 - edit

Poptropicon parking bts text 2 - edit

Here, we can see where we get the Fremulon mask, earning it by speaking Fremulon. We also wanted to box the dialog about pizza and costume creation because we found image connections.

Poptropicon parking bts images 1 - edit Poptropicon parking bts images 3 - edit

The pictures speak for themselves, aside from the squid mask. That was circled simply for the fact that this island is definitely going to be filled with cool, customizable objects/outfits.

Poptropicon center bts text 1 - edit

Hmm… a selfie? A wizard? Sounds familiar


Yep, that looks about right. Plus, it seems that we have already met this man by the bathroom.

Poptropicon center bts text 2 - editPoptropicon center bts text 3 - edit

It looks like we need a ticket for some reason, huh? Could we have been looking for the “Power Amulet” in the bathroom?

Poptropicon alley bts text 1 - edit

Poptropicon alley bts text 2 - edit

Poptropicon alley bts text 3 - edit

Here we go, the final facts. There are a lot of guards/bouncers around, along with VIP sections and long lines. But why would we need a catapult? o_o

PoptropiCon is the hottest ticket in town. It’ll take all your wits — and more than a few disguises — to crash the party!

Yes, we can’t forget the island synopsis that has been given to us. It definitely backs up our conclusion…

Final theory

Based on the evidence above, we have more or less agreed on this concluding theory:

We don’t have a ticket to PoptropiCon and need to get in. By helping the people around us, we either manage to get a ticket, get progressively closer to the front of the line (although it’s a bathroom line, so… XD ), or use a catapult to bust in through a window.  There are a lot of guards around, presumably because a few famous people are inside.

I know, I know, not the deepest theory out there, but it’s the best we got. Besides… it look like PoptropiCon is right around the corner! 😉

~SD, HP, and SW5


8 thoughts on “BTS Overview & Theory: PoptropiCon, Ep. 1”

  1. Loving this post! It’s making me more excited for poptropi-con!

  2. Have you guys noticed that (at least the last time i checked) you can skip episodes? Like my brother hadn’t done survival episode 1 and 2 and he was able to do episode 3. Maybe it was just a problem or something, I don’t think so.

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