CYDI runner-up #7: Shakespeare Island

Hey everyone! The Creators just announced the 7th runner-up of CYDI (Create Your Own Dream Island) contest! The island was Shakespeare Island, submitted by Kailey W. of Minnesota!


A Shakespeare Island, wow! Here’s why the Creators liked the idea:

The pitch: Players help Shakespeare put on a Romeo and Juliet play. Players sign up to be an actor, backstage organizer, or costume designer. But during the show, another actor gets stage fright and players will have to dress up and sing the song.

Why we liked it: First of all, who doesn’t love the Bard? Second, from the costumes to the scenery, this would be an excellent setting for a Poptropica Island. Last but not least, Kailey’s idea to let the player take on one of a few different roles would be an interesting game mechanic for us to explore. This was a very well thought-out entry!

Wow! That would be cool! I think this is one of the cool islands that should of won (House of Cards was the best in my opinion), here’s a secret fact about me that I never told anyone… I love poetry, and I love plays and novels, like Shakespeare’s. Anyway, here’s a snippet of the interview with Kailey – you can read the rest on the Creators’ Blog.

Poptropica Creators: How did you come up with the idea for your Island?
Kailey: I’ve always had a passion for theatre so I thought it would be a fun idea.

Wow, Kailey! I didn’t know you had that passion too! If you’re reading this, the PHB would love to hear more about your island idea. Anyway, that’s all for now!



15 thoughts on “CYDI runner-up #7: Shakespeare Island”

  1. This is actually a lot like the Magic Tree House: Saturday Night Stage Fright. Jack and Annie go back in time to Shakespeare’s days, when he is putting on his first live showing of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream. They help Shakespeare with the costumes and scripts, backstage stuff. But then two men who were supposed to be pixies got scared and quit, so Jack and Annoe have to take their place. Maybe that’s why it didn’t win, it sounded too much like plagiarizing the book. And SOMEONE who works on poptropica knows about the Magic Tree House series, or Red Dragon Island would not exist.

      1. I’m an ambivert (introvert & extrovert) so when I did a school play I was just ok. 😛

    1. I love this island she wrote about but I also like theatre art and I know how to act pretty well.

    2. There is no email you have to contact them and they will read your problem.(Go to Poptropica contact)

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