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Poptropica is now available on the iPhone!

Hey everyone! The Creators just announced that Mission Atlantis (Ep. 1): Into the Deep has been released on the iPad and iPhone. Wait, they said iPhone? I looked, and sure enough, it’s true, and they have a trailer for it! The new Poptropica app is now available for iPhone/iPod touch for free!

To download the app, click here or search “Poptropica” on the App Store. The icon is the yellow blimp.

Also, the newest update to the Poptropica app fixes a bug that was causing some users’ progress to be overwritten when they installed a new update. So if you’ve got a saved game from the previous version, you can update to the new version without fear.

The official Poptropica game app works on iPad 2 and above, iPhone 4 and above, and iPod touch, so you’ll need one of these devices to be able to play it!


1 thought on “Poptropica is now available on the iPhone!”

  1. Yay! Now I can play poptropica on a mobile device, that I actually have! PS,first comment!😄😄😄

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