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The livestream (Poptropican Portraits, April 2014) has commenced!

The Poptropican Portraits Livestream for April 2014 has commenced with Poptropicans Cuddly Lion & Pixelzy, and I’m drawing Gentle Sponge & Beefy Shell! Join us here as well as on the PHC! 😀 The livestream is now over! View the archived video below:

I’m going to disappear from the community for a while, as some big tests in school are coming up in a couple weeks. During those two weeks, I won’t be active on the blog, and won’t really have time for email either — so remember that when I don’t respond.

After about two weeks, I’m going to release the long-awaited Poptropican Portraits Round 9 (Poptropican Portraits are ancient relics 😛 )!  Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know, so it doesn’t take you by surprise. 😉



21 thoughts on “The livestream (Poptropican Portraits, April 2014) has commenced!”

  1. I wish I could watch, you guys do it too late! Goodnight everyone, please record the live stream and post it on youtube, and give us a link to that video! We will miss you HP, come back soon! (Btw, I saw your last live stream on youtube, and you have a really nice voice! I couldn’t match the other voices up to the avatars XD)

  2. Aww, I missed it!! D: I wish I could have came. ): My brother’s been in college all year and came home this weekend, so I wanted to spend some time with him. :c

  3. Aww I missed it. 😦 Oh well, there’s always next time. Anyway, good luck on your tests, HP! And nice livestream. 😀 😛

      1. I am a 11th grader I take three test which is History and English reading and writing.

      2. I wish I can take those test but for me I am not smart enough to past and Samwow5 when are you going to post at TIB and raffle the costume.

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