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A Delve Deeper into Mission Atlantis (New Island!)

Hey guys, BT here – with the formal announcement of the new island, Mission Atlantis! Today, the Creators released the trailer video for the upcoming island they’d only just announced:

Wow… is it me or do episodic adventures like to begin with a crash landing related to electricity?


Anyway, if you pause it right before the title is revealed, you’ll see strange lights in the background…

No, this isn’t the other underwater city in Poptropica, Poptropolis. This looks like it’s THE Atlantis.

In case you didn’t know, Atlantis was a fabled underwater city originating from, well, Greek mythology of all things. It was once over land, but one day, it sank into the ocean. The first episode is titled “Into the Deep” – looks like that’s where we’re headed!

Well… this’ll be interesting.

BT out…

5 thoughts on “A Delve Deeper into Mission Atlantis (New Island!)”

  1. In Mocktropia, there was an ad for Aqua Knights Island, maybe this is related? And we haven’t had many underwater islands. Mythology Island, SOS Island, the “prologue” of Potropilis. I personally loved the underwater parts, and I know a lot of other people have too! Maybe they might even give us a mermaid costume… I hope it’ll be for non members too!

  2. Also, it looks like a glowing sea snake! The chunk of purple by the rock looks like a purple snake-like eye… Sea monsters, anyone? Wouldn’t surprise me for poptropica to pull THAT one on us!

  3. as we already know in Poptropica’s files the Members-Only items include a DIVING SUIT costume. (Outside of the Internet World, I cannot swim) so maybe the Island tells us how to swim, so I’m like, ME NEEDY MISSION ATLANTIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  4. Sounds interesting! And wow, already announcing the next island even though Survival is only 1/5 released. 😛 Looks like jellyfish have gotten the better of us, at least according to the trailer.

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