Monster Carnival Island

The Monster Carnival Files: The Attractions

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Up until Monster Carnival is released, I’m going to post a series of “files” that go into detail about certain elements of the island as we know it. The fourth file will be about the attractions of the Circus of Bizarre as we know them.



You’ve probably seen that picture of Monster Carnival Island’s island microcosm before. It was in the third Monster Carnival file, and is also featured on the Mystery of Monster Carnival page. But we need to take another look at it, because this file is about the attractions of Monster Carnival, and this picture is the first time we ever got a glimpse of the attractions.

Behind the “Coming Soon!” sign, we can see a Ferris Wheel, and a dark tent with two devilish eyes peeking out from within. In the teaser trailer, similar looking curtains and devilish eyes are seen.


The Ferris Wheel in the picture will be used in the upcoming island. We first saw a glimpse of the new Ferris Wheel as the page background of the island tour. The page also has a desktop wallpaper that shows an evil version of the carnival, including the Ferris Wheel, at night! On February 15th, I posted about an unreleased poster that has been showing its face around Poptropica — the Monster Carnival “Now Out For Members” poster! On it, we can see yet another alternate view of the Ferris Wheel, at a different time of day — afternoon. It seems that we will be watching the carnival morph into madness as the sun goes down…


Now that we have covered the Island Microcosm, and the attractions that are shown there, we can take a look at the Haunted Amusement Park island ideas page, where we can find even more of the possible attractions. In the page, many attractions are listed. I’ve copied all of them into a list below, and commented on the points that we know about;

  • Ferris Wheel

Of course, we just discussed this attraction.

  • Roller Coaster

The Crazy Maker is probably the rollercoaster for this adventure. Also see this Daily Pop.

  • Tents/Big Top

We just discussed the Big Top! 😛

  • Midway/Booths/Games

There are multiple games planned for us — the Duck Game, Pop the Balloon, Weight Guessing Game, and more — I’ll be discussing them later on.

  • Clowns
  • Ringmaster
  • Lions
  • Bear on Bicycle
  • Elephants
  • Vendor
  • Funhouse Mirrors

We’ve seen many Daily Pops that have Funhouse mirrors; check out my post on the PTFP that includes them.

  • Candy Apples, Popcorn

We may be eating these treats and more at the refreshment stand — we’ll discuss that later.

  • Test of Strength (hammer)

Shown on the Monster Carnival tour page, there is a Poptropican holding a hammer, as if she is going to strike something — the test of strength meter.

  • Fortune Teller
  • Log Flume

Perhaps this water slide has something to do with the log flume.

  • High Diver
  • Pumpkin Competition

Maybe instead of pumpkins, the competition will be about butter.

  • Trapeze Artists
  • Freak Show

More about the monsters of the freak show in the second file. Also see the chicken man.

  • Tight Rope
  • Shoot from Cannon
  • Ticket Booth

Long list, eh? We still aren’t done. Let’s go into detail about the Carnival games.

We first became aware of the Carnival games from the Haunted Amusement Park page, of course, but we knew which ones made the cut by the Daily Pops.

In the first Daily Pop listed, there is a truck with three names of the games we will be playing — the Duck Game, Pop the Balloon, and the Weight Guessing Game.

On FunBrain, there are numerous ads for Monster Carnival, one being a high quality image of the attractions (Thanks Aang for the lead)! On the picture, we can see what the Duck Game and Pop the Balloon attraction will look like, along with a refreshment booth!


Lastly, lets talk about the Tunnel Of Love. It is probably the first Monster Carnival element to be shown on the Daily Pops. In the background of many of the posts, there is a “No PDA” sticker on the background. What is the PDA? It may stand for a heart disease, or perhaps a digital assistant. “PDA” simply means “public display of affection”.

The attraction was confirmed as part of the island in the print out poster for Monster Carnival. We also know what the evil version of it will look like from the desktop wallpaper.


This is all we know about morphing, refreshing, broken, buttery, and lovely attractions of Monster Carnival Island — I’ll be updating this post when the island comes out, so check back when that happens! 😀

This is the last addition to the Monster Carnival Files — see you at the show! 😀


15 thoughts on “The Monster Carnival Files: The Attractions”

      1. Good point, SD! XD
        Well, it wouldn’t technically be a PDA if you did something in the Tunnel of Love, since no one else can see you in the tunnel and it wouldn’t be public… it would just be a DA.

  1. Maybe this island will be like Wimpy Boardwalk, since all these attractions are shown, we’ll probably be playing them as part of the mission that we have to do in MCI.

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