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First of all, I want to thank all of you guys for liking and commenting on my posts. I just reached 200 likes on this blog! That is amazing, and you guys are responsible — I’m going to bet that you can’t make it over 10 likes on this post. If I lose, you guys will get a prize. Let’s see who wins. 😉 BTW, I know I’m sorta overloading everyone with posts at the moment, but that’s just how it’s gonna be when a new island is in the air. I hope it’s not too incredibly annoying. And now, back to the scheduled programming. 😛


Many posts of mine are predictions, petitions, and things that are left unanswered. There needs to be a follow up to all these posts, and so from time to time, I’m going to make a follow up post, which closes the cliffhangers of the posts that we now know the answers to.

Re: The Life of a Lab Tester

I just wanted to mention a few of the possible preliminary workings of Poptropica Labs from Jordan Leary’s (Dr. Hare) blog. First, he posted a land mass generator (probably used for the land generator for Lands):

Lastly, he posted a poogle gallery— creatures that look very similar to the “pet rocks” that appear in Lands. He calls them “Poogles”, however, which is a pretty neat name, and probably the correct term for the pet rocks. Yay for hacked terminology. 😛

Re: Nightmares of the Carnival & release of Poptropica Labs

In this post, I theorized that Monster Carnival may be released as the classic pop, and not be a SUI. But according to Jeff Heim’s Facebook, he has made a soundtrack for the island, ruling out this theory.


And BTW, this post is where I got the fact that MCI was coming out mid-February; so ha, naysayers! 😛

Re: Release Dates

In this post, I theorized that the Mythology Island SUI would come out February 7th. Obviously it didn’t come out then — perhaps because the Creators wanted to trip me up. I said in the post that I didn’t really care. 😛

Re: Things get annoying (video ads)

In this post, I alerted everyone about the new ad unit of Poptropica, video ads. Sometime after, they disappeared. Has anyone else seen the ads?

Re: Spying on Spy Island

In this post, I theorized that Spy Island was going to be the next SUI… I don’t even know why you guys still listen to me. 😛

Re: Predictions

In this post, I theorized about Mocktropica’s plot. I said that Gamer Guy might be the villain, trying to get revenge on Poptropica for firing him. This is obviously not the case, but I still have a feeling that we may be seeing Gamer Guy in the future…

Now I can finally put those posts to rest. 😛


23 thoughts on “Following Up”

      1. Lol, well, good to know d:

        Hey, I need to email you real quick, be ready for one d: xD

  1. Weird thing about the ‘Poogles’, Poogle is a species on that on game Neopets. They’re just about the opposite of pet rocks :p

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