Monster Carnival Island

The Monster Carnival Files: The Monsters (and Hypno-Powder!)

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First of all, the members-only Hypno-Powder is now available in the Store! To use it, equip it and press the spacebar. Check out what you can do with it:


Up until Monster Carnival is released, I’m going to post a series of “files” that go into detail about certain elements of the island as we know it. The second file will be about the monsters of Monster Carnival as we know them.


The Daily Pop above is the first time we ever saw a glimpse of the monsters from Monster Carnival. The title of the post was “Monster Mash”, and the description reads “These monster costumes never made it past the concept stage.” Some say that these were costumes for the store, but they released Medusa in Mythology Island, and I believe the one on the left is from Monster Carnival — a werewolf janitor. Many other sketches for Nabooti Island were drawn in the same style, and so I think those were sketches for islands instead of store costumes.

The early ideas of Monster Carnival was to have a zombie plot, where the ringmaster has enslaved zombie workers. That wouldn’t cast a very wide variety of monsters to design and interact with in the game, so with the upcoming island, the Creators have different plans.

On the last day of October 2013, a Daily Pop was posted titled “Super Fly”, and the description reads “Happy Halloween from Poptropica!” This was disregarded because it was about Halloween, and not a serious working, but the post shows a fly with a labcoat on, and a brain in a container beside it. Perhaps the fly is Doctor Price and he switched brains with a fly? Anyway, the picture is monstrous, and we may be seeing Super Fly in the future.

These two Daily Pops were what got our theorists thinking that Monster Carnival was coming back. The first has mutated animals, including a multiple eyed puma, and a jackalope (a mythological creature). The next picture shows a glob monster, and a hairy hand just right of the screen shot. No. 99 is danger! as seen on the box, and is probably a monster you will have to find, capture, or fight in the quest.

Mechanical Ravens also appear in recent Daily Pops, but they are discussed in the first Monster Carnival file, Ringmaster Raven. There have also been monstrous forests showing their faces on the Daily Pop, although they aren’t necessarily monsters. 😛

On the 21st of January 2014, a Daily Pop was posted with the name “Beast Mode”. Is this beast No. 99? I don’t think such a hunky creature could fit into such a tiny box that the danger monster is supposedly contained in — unless comically.

The last monster on this list has no name (just like the others), but he has been seen quite a lot in these past monstrous months. I call him a mean goblin thing. The first time we ever saw this creature was in the desktop wallpaper for Monster Carnival.

In the wallpaper, you also see a monstrous Ferris wheel — but that’s to discuss some other time. 😉

On February 12, 2014, the Creators posted about working at Poptropica — they get chased by monsters all the time! The picture in the post shows a Poptropican wearing the Ringmaster Costume running away from the mean goblin thing. This suggests that for a part of the island, we will be chased by monsters! Ouch.

Werewolf janitors, mutated pumas, jackalopes, giant apes, glob monsters, super flies, mean goblin things, and No. 99 — DANGER! 

This is all we know about the monsters of Monster Carnival — this post will be updated when Monster Carnival Island comes out, so check back when it does! 😀



15 thoughts on “The Monster Carnival Files: The Monsters (and Hypno-Powder!)”

  1. I doubt that “Beast Mode” is No. 99. First of all the size, which you mentioned, but also his expression. The creature doesn’t really seem scarey/mad. I would think that something with a danger sign would look more ferocious. Of course, like you said, it could be that way for comical reasons. But anyway, great file! 😉

    1. You have a good point, but remember “Big Blue” from Zomberry? He sorta reminds me of that zombie. Big Blue was like the boss of the island, and the “Beast” looks like he is running towards you, like Big Blue. 😛 Thanks. 🙂

  2. Great!! Now the members will be controling me now! Everytime they release a members only powder, I get blasted with it!

      1. Do you know what this means?!?? The evil members will now overthrow Poptropica as we know it! D: There is no escape!!!

  3. Lol I bet the creators did this in revenge for using the costumize everything/god glitch to get the 24 Carrot ones. XD.

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