Monster Carnival Island

The Monster Carnival Files: The Logo

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This file has been updated to the information from Monster Carnival Island. The red text is the updated info, the black is old.

Up until Monster Carnival is released, I’m going to post a series of “files” that go into detail about certain elements of the island as we know it. The third file will be about the logo — how it has evolved, and why it is what it is today!



The picture above is the island as seen on the map from 2007. At the time, they simply put text under island microcosms, instead of the island’s logos. On this island, we can see a Ferris wheel, and a tent with monstrous eyes peeking out of the darkness.

The same island microcosm may be used for the new island*, but the logo is bound to be updated — in fact it already has been. But where did they get the idea for the logo?

*In fact, they did not use the exact same microcosm for the new island; it is very similar, however.


The above picture is the current logo. It is a very compact and creative idea — it consists of a carnival tent, with the bottom “Carnival” text sort of forming a chomping mouth. The “R” from Monster has a devilish tail, and may have been inspired by the “One Million Monsters” contest that the PHB held in the summer of 2009.

The Monster Competition

The fonts used in the logo have been modified, and I couldn’t find exact fonts to match them — but, Coney Island is close to the base font for the text “Carnival” in the logo. I couldn’t seem to find a font that could have been (positively) used for the “Monster” text, but the (pricey) Olaus Magnus font is a similar substitute.

In my opinion, the Monster Carnival logo is one of the most creative logos Poptropica has ever released. Let’s hope the island is just the same. 😀 Check out my review of the island here. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Monster Carnival Files: The Logo”

  1. The new microcosm was the same except the tent was on the right and the ferriswheel had a face and was moved to the left

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