The Fake or Real Gamer Guy!

EDIT: False alarm! See the Gamer Guy Exposed post for more info.

Hey everyone! On the PHB there has been a mysterious commenter. His name is Gamer Guy! Yeah, it’s the guy we have been talking about for weeks. Here are some of his comments! On HP’s post, he’s saying Mega Fighting Robots is shut down!



“Gamer Guy” was just a regular PHB commenter having a bit of fun. Sorry for the false alarm, and don’t take everything he’s saying on the site too seriously.

134 thoughts on “The Fake or Real Gamer Guy!”

      1. I’m thinking this guy is a fake. No Creator has ever commented on a Poptropica blog. Plus, he’s not using txt talk. Plus, this type of fake identity stuff happens all the time. But truly, IDK. 😛

      2. Look at my blog, I made an article. Sadly, everyone here is keeping me so tied up that I can’t comment on my own blog, especially since some work needs to be done in my Video-game life.

    1. How about you just post your REAL Poptropica Username? Wouldn’t that be simple? I’ll give you mine (Which is private by the way), if you post yours?

      1. … Maybe…

        How about we email Pop this guy’s work? Links and such? We’ll find out in a couple of days if I was right about him being the bad guy, and all the MFB THings on his Warf Wall.

        Either way, he’s probably fake.

    2. F he wer th real GG hed hav calld Captain Crawface sum names alredy! Peeps need 2 chll. hes playin 4 the iland, nuthng real

    3. Gamer Guy? One last question… I’ve been trying to hack into Poptropica for some time, now. Do you have any tips? 🙂

      1. Here’s a tip: Poptropica creators have a program on their work computers I like to call Poptropica Studio. It lets them set up stuff for a new island (NPCs, buildings, backgrounds). Once they have made the various pieces of the island and put it together, they upload. Simple as that.

      2. Here’s a real tip, I’m changing all of my passwords… :C Paige (My sis), might actually get grounded for once…

    4. I think your the real Gamer Guy, a real person hired by the creators to keep up this promotional thing for
      Mocktropica. Tell them to make a Mega Fighting Bots website, I’m always looking for new things to play! I never linger on site, but I never
      Ignore one either. Anyway, my game hasn’t been glitching. Give
      Your poptropica user, or just make one to keep up the gag. Add me and tell me your name! -JessieKip

  1. pretty sure your fake, isnt MFB a site that you just really like? in the comments you said that your MFB site is down, meaning its your site. and your still using good grammar, even better then i am using in this post, after samwow5 pointed that out…
    besides that, welcome mysterious commenter!

  2. well actually… I’m starting to have a change of thoughts… To rule all poptropica would be amazing, and maybe once you have your MFB site back, ill drive some of poptropica players there, what do you say, Gamer Guy, is it a deal?

    1. Here’s a tip for ruling Poptropica: purposely don’t complete Mocktropica Island. Then Poptropica will be under our control! (And we would have a gold medallion to buy some brownies with.)

  3. Foolish Poptropicans, you will never Learn… didnt you see what I was posting in Hputerpop’s post about finding hidden files and stuff?!?!?! you should have seen it by now, i always have been trying to be the ruler of all poptropica!

      1. nt mch mor thn my email… u gys woodnt bleve me inyways.

        “I have to get off, try to get MFB back up for my FANZ, but I’ll be back and commenting soon. Any Poptropica blog is UN-SAFE. Watch your backs. “

      1. its clld dinner!!! wnt good gramer? wll hw bowt ths:

        “You guys need to leave me alone before I shut down Poptropica. I can, and will. ”


      1. “My comments keep disappearing. I’ll go somewhere they won’t next time. Keep your eyes out.

        Play MFB, Poptropica SUCKS!”

        stll ned trnsltr? by

    1. Besides, even in the chat (Or real life when I’m texting) I won’t talk like that… My friend Lexi makes fun of me for it xD Says I’m too formal LOL

      PS: I gtg leave my phone, my sister commented that when I sent her to find my slippers (Because she won’t stop putting them somewhere… O_O)

      Sent from my iPhone

  4. well… this sucks, i didnt get any help, and now all of you know my plan!
    why is it that everyone who tries to take over poptropica always fails???

      1. On my blog I have a picture of my small alteration to Poptropica. Can’t make it a big change, or at least not for everyone to see, because then the creators would find out. By the way, Gmail banned my new email. Now I have another site to hate.

  5. duh. prove your real by giving us your username. even then its easy to figure out if ur fake or not by tracking the file origins of your profile pic. duh. besides, gamer guy and mega fighting bots is all just a poptropica gag for Mocktropica island. i have a funny feeling hes a new villain. and By the way, hes likely a creator, not an intern and was never fired. he must be because all of his clothing is original. a poptropica creator woulndnt likely post on this site but who knows…… btw samwow, how do you get no eyes? thats pretty cool. peace out!

    Unicorn Cat or Cool Berry

      1. Cool Berry the thing is patched but you can get no mouth but if your a girl Poptropican do not do it you will turn into a boy. Here the cheat;
        1:Open your poptropica account
        2:then open up poptropica avatar studio and type in fsdummy
        3; and your poptropica press refresh
        Now you have now no mouth

      2. yeah i know how to do that. (notice my poptropican profile picture has no mouth) so if the no eye thing is “patched” it means its blocked now right?

    1. I believe that I am, in fact, not a fake. I think that sitting here typing this is enough to convince me that I am real, and that I am not nonexistent. By the way, I’m using spelling and grammar check, lol. See ya tomorrow!

      1. Oh, I’m sure you are a real person, I do not, however, believe you are the real Gamer Guy. Here are my reasons:

        1) The lack of text-speak.
        2) When I clicked on your name it redirected to a “temporary” blog.
        3) Your unwillingness to provide any proof.
        4) The fact that you are commenting on this blog. As Spotted Dragon said earlier, no creator has ever commented on this blog. Unless this is some massive and complicated scheme to trick us (which seems highly unlikely), there would be no reason for you to be here.

      2. 1: He said its easier to talk like this on the Mocktropica page
        2: He created that blog to show it’s him to us on the chat and to show off the the jetpack on Time Tangled.
        3. I agree with u on that.
        4.It’s reasonable of him to comment to the blog right now, the island is about to come out, It’s supposed to be a glitched up island so maybe they wanted to try something new. Also he’s the guy that will rub stuff in ur face so It makes sense he would do this.

      3. 1. nothing
        2. the jetpack on time tangled island isnt anything special. its merely a glitch that i found out and contacted the creators about it, because it bother me and i couldnt handle it, i wanted it to get fixed. since i contacted the creators, they know about the glitch too, which gives me even more suspicion into thinking gamer guy is a creator. just a little proof that i contacted them:

        Response Via Email (Liam) 12/16/2013 12:11 PM

        Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have made note of the jetpack appearing on the new islands. Feel free to let us know if we may be of any further assistance.

        Best regards,

        Liam P
        Family Education Network
        (Liam seems to be the only one to ever reply to me)

        3. nothing
        4. nothing
        5. nothing

  6. well… anyways just want to remind you guys, since this is really the only place i can put it :/ the creators announced on blog.poptropica.com that the “create your own island contest” is ending in about 1 week from tommorow.

  7. I don’t believe that the “WordPresser” Gamer Guy is the real thing. If he were a real ex-Poptropica Intern or Partner, or even anything close to that, then he would have a Custom Domain, not a site with “wordpress.com” in it. Anyone else know what I mean?

    The non-“WordPresser” has an email that matches a Poptropica Creator’s Name: Jordan Leary, otherwise known as Dr. Hare. Perhaps it’s a cruel trick, someone saw the Gamer Guy stuff going on and started working on the WordPress blog to fool everyone.

    1. It may not be his email for his personal site, but there’s a likely hood that the email address is the one he uses for Poptropica. It would make sense, because he is a developer, therefore having “poptropica.com” at the end of his address…

  8. Don’t tell anyone I said this, but I’m trying to test posting stuff refering to Mocktropica and me getting “fired”. I’m doin this lone wolf, because I like to experiment. I always wanted to change my name to Nick, but I haven’t really tried.

  9. ‘Tis not the real Guy of Gaming! A fibber we have amongst us. Have at thee! Prove to us that thy act is not a ruse. This petty hoax doth not fool even the feeblest of them amongst us! If thy art the real Guy of Gaming then prove thyself! ‘Til the time of truthing occurs, do not be fooled brothers! This man is not more than a fake. A wolf amongst sheep! I doth not believe the lies of such a scoundrel! Prove thyself or face the wrath of the interwebs!

    But seriously, I don’t believe this for a second. Unless this “Gamer Guy” can come up with some proof fast, I won’t believe it. 90% chance this is hoax. I need some real proof before I believe this!

    1. Even if he was real, do you think he would give away any valuable proof? I still am sorta neutral on the controversy.

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